MILF fighters: If they’re given their Bangsamoro (Moro Nation State) as Aquino wants, would they grow in strength that they’d, instead, want to be a member of the Muslim-dominated Federation of Malaysia?

Remember their names: Jaime Zobel de Ayala, Howard Dee, Cardinal Tagle, Bai Sumndad-Usman and especially former Supreme Court Chief Justice Hilario Davide. While I don’t think they authored a single sentence of it, and had really very little to do … Read more »

THE death convict Mary Jane Veloso never wavered in her claim that she was an innocent victim of human trafficking. But when all hopes had seemed to fail, she prepared herself to die. In fact, the Philippine Daily Inquirer, which … Read more »

Floyd dances to victory

Unanimous decision booed by pro-Pacquiao Las Vegas crowd

LAS VEGAS: Floyd Mayweather turned the ring into a dance floor on his way to a unanimous decision over a frustrated Manny Pacquiao here on Saturday (Sunday, Philippine time) to win the richest fight … Read more »

‘I thought I won’ – Pacquiao

LAS VEGAS: A devastated Manny Pacquiao insisted he believed he had beaten Floyd Mayweather Jr. despite judges awarding a unanimous points win to his opponent in the richest fight in history on Saturday (Sunday, Philippine time) . Pacquiao, 36, said … Read more »

Disappointed Pinoys cry foul

Boxing fans in the Philippines cried foul and groaned in bitter disappointment on Sunday as national hero Manny Pacquiao lost to American rival Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the “Fight of the Century.” Filipinos filled gymnasiums, cinemas and bars as the … Read more »

Bomber Usman killed by MILF

MAGUINDANAO: The Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) has killed a notorious Filipino bomber inside one of its strongholds in Maguindanao province in the restive Muslim autonomous region in southern Philippines. One of the MILF’s senior commanders identified only as Baroq … Read more »

UH-1 supplier uses PAF hangars for ‘free’

BLACKLISTED helicopter supplier, the joint venture Rice Aircraft Services Inc. and Eagle Copter Ltd., has been using facilities of the Philippine Air Force (PAF) for the refurbishment of UH-1 helicopters since last year and the company has not paid the … Read more »

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Philippine Labor under siege

IF it is not quite yet fair and accurate to characterize President B.S. Aquino 3rd as someone hostile to the welfare and interests of the Philippines’ vast working class, it is very quickly approaching that point. The Mary Jane Veloso case has caused many in our country to take a closer look at the realities faced by Philippine workers and... Read more »


‘Don’t water down BBL, please’

MALACAñANG on Sunday appealed to lawmakers to avoid passing a “watered down” version of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL), saying while amendments may be made, they should not dampen the spirit of the proposed law. “We respect the processes in … Read more »

Unauthorized benefits paid sans Palace okay

The DBP Data Center Inc. (DCI) made payments totaling P1.984 million for additional benefits or incentives without required approval of the Office of the President, state auditors said. In a 2014 audit report on DBP Data Center Inc., a wholly-owned … Read more »

Court of Appeals justices inhibit from bribery probe

Justices composing the Court of Appeals Ethics Committee have inhibited from investigating bribery accusations of Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th against two CA magistrates who are handling a case of Makati City Mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay Jr. CA Justices Jose Reyes … Read more »

Taguig bettor bags P39-million lottery pot

A lotto bettor from Taguig City (Metro Manila) was added to the country’s roster of instant millionaires. This bettor bagged the P39.2-million jackpot prize in the Lotto 6/42 draw of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). According to the office … Read more »

Petilla in limbo over his resignation status

Resigned Energy Secretary Carlos Jericho Petilla is set to meet with President Benigno Aquino 3rd this week to iron out issues and get update on the status of his resignation. Petilla over  the weekend said he would be seeking clarification … Read more »

Illegal drugs now a P200-B ‘industry’ in PH

THIS is alarming: Illegal drug trade in the Philippines is now a P200-billion “industry.” Jonathan Morales, a former agent of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), said no less than the Anti-Money Laundering Council had confirmed that drug lords operating … Read more »

Analysis & Commentary

Iran now shows interest in Mideast peace

NEW YORK: US and Iranian officials have been insisting the last several years that they wanted to resolve the nuclear issue before discussing the sectarian wars that are raging across the Middle East. Not anymore. As the battles have escalated … Read more »

Real journalism vs realities on the ground

DIGITAL technology has made it easy for one to claim being a journalist. You just need a smart phone with good Internet signal and you can already break the news about something via Twitter or Facebook. You can create a … Read more »

China’s science ‘leap forward’

WASHINGTON, DC: No country can be a global power without an engineering and scientific base. It’s necessary to run modern factories, develop new products, analyze and deal with complex social problems — pollution, food safety, sickness and disease — and … Read more »

Mary Jane must stay alive for Noy’s sake

Malacañang must have been thankful the Paquiao-Mayweather pre-fight hype and the continuing saga of Mary Jane Veloso had overshadowed the Labor Day issues, particularly the workers’ demand for a wage hike. In all arrogance, President Noynoy even snubbed labor leaders, … Read more »

Psychological contract: Violation of conscience or consciousness?

MANY of us admire non-profit organizations like the Boy Scouts and the Red Cross and many more, except that in recent years, their reputation has been weakened by accusations of wrongdoing that border on immorality, unethical practices, and illegal financial … Read more »

Retained earnings declarable as dividend

THE ability of a listed company to declare dividends either in cash or in stock depends on the amount of its retained earnings. In contrast, a losing company piles up deficits that, if worse comes to worst, it could end … Read more »

Legal Advice

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Automatic transfer of mortgaged property to creditor prohibited

Dear PAO, I had a friend who regularly borrows money from me. He went to see me again about two years ago to borrow a huge amount of cash.  Because of the rising amount of his total debts, we agreed … Read more »