PH peacekeepers to leave Golan, Liberia

WORRIED over the health and safety of Philippine troops, the Department of National Defense (DND) on Saturday ordered the pullout of the country’s military contingents in the Golan Heights and Liberia. Defense spokesman Peter Paul Galvez said Filipino peacekeepers deployed … Read more »

PH peacekeepers to leave Golan, Liberia
China warplane in ‘dangerous’ intercept with US jet
Jeepney ‘pope mobile’ planned for Francis’ visit

China warplane in ‘dangerous’ intercept with US jet

WASHINGTON: A Chinese fighter jet flew perilously close to a US military aircraft this week in a “very dangerous” incident in international air space east of Hainan Island, the Pentagon said on Friday (Saturday in Manila). The episode raised tensions … Read more »

Youth groups join campaign to end ‘pork’

STUDENT leaders from various universities and national youth groups under the Youth Act Now! network will be joining the nationwide signature campaign and protests against the pork barrel system. In a press conference at the University of the Philippines in … Read more »

Passing Bangsamoro law to take time – Malacañang

PASSING the Bangsamoro measure into law will not be easy, Malacañang admitted on Saturday. Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Abigail Valte made the admission a day after Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda announced that the draft Basic Bangsamoro Law (BBL) is only 80 … Read more »

LPA off Zambales dissipates

The low pressure area (LPA) spotted west of Zambales has dissipated, the state weather bureau said on Saturday. Weather forecaster Meno Mendoza said no weather disturbance has been monitored near the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR). The weather bureau expects … Read more »

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Pope consoles James Foley’s parents, prays for UN effort to stop IS aggression

NEWS from the Vatican tells of Pope Francis having called the parents of James Foley, the American journalist beheaded and stabbed by a militant/terrorist of the Islamic State in Iraq (ISIS). ZENIT reported that Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi confirmed that the Holy Father telephoned John and Diane Foley. Although no details were... Read more »

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Hyatt 10 oath: “Survive and survive together”

Cory appointed Binay as OIC of Makati with the blessings of her Elite compadres the Ayalas & Lopezes. he will still be under the clutches of the... Read more »

Delusion on ‘reforms’ of Aquino presidency

What has been happening in the four years of BS Aquino administration is all of treachery or betrayal of public trust. His campaign promises mostly... Read more »

Delusion on ‘reforms’ of Aquino presidency

Our present government is like a ship with a Skipper on the bridge looking forward to the vast ocean ahead. Let us first describe the ship which is... Read more »

Binay: Stop pushing Aquino to extend term

Dapat pa bang paniwalaan ang mga panukala nitong mga Senador at Congressmen na tumanggap ng 50 million pesos additional funds na suhol galing sa... Read more »

Hyatt 10 oath: “Survive and survive together”

Why they are not charged of corruption, if what the author is saying is true…or is he or she just plain against Pres. Aquino’s administration.... Read more »


Comelec opens doors to ‘well-meaning’ observers

STRESSING that transparency in all their dealings is of their paramount consideration, Comelec Chairman Sixto Brillantes Jr. on Saturday said they will invite observers who can give the best inputs as the poll body prepares and decides the most efficient … Read more »

Forego field trips if they are too risky – CHEd

RECOGNIZING that learning outside the classroom is an essential part of the learning process and personal development for students, the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) on Friday still reminded higher education institutions (HEIs) to ensure the safety of their students … Read more »

Court okays Euro trip for Mike Arroyo

The Sandiganbayan’s Fifth Division has allowed Jose Miguel Arroyo, husband of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, to travel to Europe for possible stem cell treatment. Mr. Arroyo, a lawyer, had to seek the permission of the anti-graft court since he has … Read more »

Analysis & Commentary

Fr. Benigno P. Beltran, SVD

Who do you say that I am?

Screaming headlines Israel steps up air strikes in the Gaza Strip after Hamas again fired rockets into their settlements. US jets continued to strike IS targets in Iraq and Syria after the beheading of an American journalist which was broadcast in social media. Clashes in Ukraine leave many dead. Police disperse riots in Jakarta protesting cheating in elections, in Ferguson, Missouri protesting the killing of a black youth by police, and in Liberia after a nighttime curfew was imposed to... Read more »


Anne Rice returns to vampire genre

As a long-time admirer of the novelist Anne Rice, it was with much joy that I read news of her return to the literary genre that made her name, gothic-horror fiction about the eternal creatures with a thirst for human … Read more »


Prevent cavities with milk

Are you looking for a simple way to prevent cavities after eating your favorite sugar-laced breakfast cereal? Just drink a glass of milk and your problems are over. This sweet news comes from Christine Wu from the University of Illinois … Read more »

Carla Bianca V. Ravanes

Mommy in the city

I AM proud to say that a stay-at-home mom raised me. My mom, who has enough charisma and street smarts to run for office gave up her then job at a reputable bank and John Robert Powers to raise my … Read more »

Marlen V. Ronquillo

Pope Francis, with reason, is wary of Pinoy pols, VIPs, plutocrats

Pope Francis, during his Philippine visit, wants to listen to the stories of suffering and want. He has expressed preference for visits to devastated villages, hamlets of poverty and the ancient institutions that have been the keeper of the Catholic … Read more »

Fr. Shay Cullen

ReSolidarity for Philippine Fair Trade

Fairness and justice is what the  poor and the oppressed need from those elected to protect and serve them. When the people are in greatest need and government officials turn away then the people have been betrayed, abandoned and left … Read more »



It was Angela, the nanay, who kept asking me all afternoon Thursday what time Solar News’ Town Hall was going on air. On the night of Ninoy Aquino’s death anniversary, the show was asking the public: What is the Aquino … Read more »

Legal Advice

pao logo

Property taxes should be paid on time

Dear PAO, I was informed by my parents that due to financial problems, my parents failed to pay the real property tax due for our properties.  Will there be interests to be paid if I will pay the said taxes … Read more »