‘There’s no such thing as being bisexual’



    INDEED, MARK Bautista’s book titled Beyond the Mark can be considered one of the biggest (but not necessarily most shocking) tell-all by a celebrity in recent recollection, perhaps even a close second to Claudine Barretto’s admission of drug use and rehabilitation.

    And with everyone talking about the juicy parts of Mark’s memoir, Vignettes chooses not to dwell on the unnamed “guy friend” (a co-actor) he was intimate with but rather on his quick disclaimer that he’s “not gay” but “bisexual.”

    Tot that, we couldn’t help but recall a book published in the early ‘80s (the title of which escapes our memory) in which the author wrote that there’s no such thing as being bisexual. He reasoned out that it’s either one is gay or he’s not.

    Later in life, we realized this author was politically correct in his assertion. Being exposed to gay life, Vignettes resonates the fact that bisexuality is simply one of the various types of being gay (readers’ violent reactions are welcome).

    “It (gayhood) has many layers to it,” we remember a male member (MM) of a now-defunct youth-oriented program telling at one of our regular drinking binges during the early ‘90s.

    Truth is, even before Mark Bautista had begun writing his book, MM who proudly spoke as though he were an authority in gay life wanted to come up with one himself.

    “Sa totoo lang, there are too many types of gays. Kung ako ang tatanungin, there are more than 10, not just the flamboyant or openly gay and the bi’s,” MM pointed out.

    However, he bade showbiz goodbye (to pursue another career) without even writing the prologue to his “project.”

    We later bonded with MM (he keeps a circle of gay buddies in our neighborhood), but this time he regaled us with tales of his “colorful, oftentimes risky adventures,” even more engaging and literally more jaw dropping than read.


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