1 dead, 2 wounded in Wisconsin school shooting


WASHINGTON: A teenage gunman armed with a rifle shot and wounded two students as they left a high school prom in Wisconsin, before he was fatally wounded by police, officials said on Sunday.

Eighteen-year-old Jakob Wagner died in the hospital after shooting outside a school in the city of Antigo — about 150 miles (240 kilometers) north of Milwaukee.

Wagner opened fire at the students at 11 pm as they were leaving the prom at their high school, Antigo police chief Eric Roller said in a statement.

A female victim suffered minor injuries while a male victim was undergoing surgery Sunday morning for wounds police said were not life-threatening.

Police patrolling the school parking lot at the time of the incident intervened immediately, opening fire on the gunman after they heard shots, Roller said.

The lone shooter, a former student at the school who graduated last year, appeared to be firing at random, local media reported.

He died early Sunday morning.

Police did not give a possible motive for the shooting. AFP



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  1. David Michael Meyer on

    Here again we see how sick a society can get –

    -Every one howled down Obama, when he said no other country in the world of comparable standards ..Has such a high incidence of this kind of violence

    The gun lobbyist scream like stuck pigs -If there is any suggestion of some kind of better control..In fact urge for more guns .

    Children are killing each other –

    -The usa tells every one that they are the greatest country in the world..Meanwhile it is not safe to go to school cinema;even the church ..

    Can we put all the blame on terrorism or acts of the insane ..!

    I feel that here in Philippines , we have less crime of this sort –Mainly i because of the respect the children learn for their elders –Also there is strong sense of community, and family .

    .This is something that Countries like the USA sadly lack

    They could do well to study the society here and learn something

    I remain
    yours faithfully
    Dr David M Meyer (PhD Psych}