10 graduation gift ideas


IF you’re thinking of giving gifts to a graduating teenager headed for college, or a seasoned grad school scholar off to the real world, give them a sentimental keepsake, something useful, or just plain silly. Here are 10 creative ways to say “congratulations on your achievement.”

• For music-lovers, a set of first vinyl player—and one he can easily pack away and take to college can be a lasting gift. Make it more special by including a few favorite old school records like the Beatles’ “Let it Be” or The Beach Boys; “Pet Sounds.”

• Whether your card contains a check or just some choice words of congratulations, make sure it will make the grad’s day perfect.

• Giving a grad a lei to be used during the graduation day is simple but simply touching. Carnation lei or orchid leis are perfect for men or women.

• Cap off the proud moment with commemorative photo frame that capture the beaming graduate.

• An engraved pen set for future study and work can be paired with inspirational wall plaque.

• For the graduating ladies, personalized graduation jewelry gifts will surely makes her happy.

• College-bound students have the entire dorm rooms to fill so why not try space-saving decor, productivity tools or a lot of practical advises.

• Since most college graduates are at least looking for a job, they’ll beed desk accessories, a wardrobe change, and anything to make his or her new journey easier.

• Recognizing that any grad–whether college or high school–is somewhat stress, opt for something sillier like a cozy robe, a a set of cocktail glasses or a duffel bag to help the graduate relax.

• Try the pillowcase hints at what’s to come after graduation: an intense need for a full night’s sleep. To ensure she gets enough sleep after those late nights in the library. Pair this with ultra-soft pillow or two.


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