• 10-hour power outage hits Northern Luzon today


    THE National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) has advised its customers and the general public to take necessary preparations and precautions for the scheduled 10-hour power service interruption that would hit a huge area of Northern Luzon today.

    The power outage is due to the annual preventive maintenance and testing of equipment at Gamu substation.

    To be directly affected are areas being serviced by the Isabela I Electric Cooperative Inc. (Iselco I) – Reina Mercedes Substation and entire franchise areas of Isabela II Electric Cooperative, Inc. (Iselco II).

    Also to be affected are areas that cover the Cagayan I Electric Cooperative Inc. (Cagelco I), Cagayan II Electric Cooperative Inc. (Cagelco II) and Kalinga Electric Cooperative Inc. (Kaelco).

    Aside from the annual preventive maintenance of the Gamu substation, simultaneous maintenance and testing of protection equipment will also be conducted at Santiago and Tuguegarao substations and correction of hotspots along Santiago-Gamu-Tuguegarao 230kV transmission line.

    As a result of the scheduled maintenance works, power supply will be temporarily interrupted in the provinces of Cagayan, Apayao, Kalinga and parts of Isabela from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. today.

    “Normal operations will immediately resume after work completion,” the NGCP said.


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    1. Arch.Angelito ( Lito) L. Mallonga on

      Here again the shortage of power supply in my province Cagayan.
      The only way to solved this problem is to consider other environment
      alternative to sustain 24/7 whole year round and utilized the Cagayan River
      for Power supply and try to reconsider the Chico Dam projects. This time
      make sure that all natives here will be compensated and environment are
      being protected. Secured jobs for their people to make sure that their future generation be protected and that is the bottom line.

      There should be no abuses and hidden agendas to make it work. Politics
      be keep aside as they no longer trust them and I do not blame them at all.
      This is always the biggest problem when Politics gets in specially when
      election is coming in again.

      Anyways, Politicians they come and go while the business community
      and the people will always be there to carry it on.

      Now, they can not longer take advantage of it due to the exposure on
      the Pork and Dap. Just wait for the coming 2016 election and this time
      you will see how the entire country will vote. Never underestimate the
      younger generation. They will be the one to convince their parents
      on who to vote for this time around. Popular people will not work this
      time around even if you are in the movie People are tired of promises
      and abuses of their taxes and need to be stop once and for all.