10 killed in Lanao clan war


DAVAO CITY: Tension is high in the town of Lumbaca Unayan in Lanao del Sur province following the killings of at least 10 people in what authorities claimed was an offshoot of a clan war between two warring Muslim groups. Security forces have put up more road blocks and checkpoints and additional patrol to prevent the violence from further spreading to other areas in the province. The violence erupted after gunmen shot dead Luminog Raado, the patriarch of a well-known family, and wounded his wife in an attack over the weekend.


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  1. the bbl is a thrown-in bone to rabid dogs . P-noy and deles are the lead progenitor of this duplicity in an attempt to mislead the people to a false sense of security. What peace? It’s all about money, to bribe these “Islamic fakir”. The guns will never be given up. Mohammed Iqbal and his cohorts release statements that are full of duplicity if not outright lies to lull us into believing a peacefull solution can be attained. Noy should be condemned for selling out the patrimony of every Filipinos . May katok na sa utak, in an attempt to cement his ” legacy”. do us a big favor and step down ,correction jumped down as fast as you can. you have done enough damage.

  2. even if BBL is approved, clan war in maguindanao,lanaosur.jolo and sulu will not end because that is already their culture.

  3. Deles and Ferrer promises that baBALA is the solution that will end violence in Maguindanao.