• 10 reasons to love the all-new Audi A4


    The compact executive sedan segment is packed with choices – a nightmare for carmakers, a boon for consumers who are now spoiled for choices. Audi engineers welcome the challenge with inspiration and determination as they have vastly improved the already impressive A4 into what it is now. Last year, the A4 secured two additional feathers in its cap: “Car of the Year” honors from the What Car? Awards, and inclusion on the “Best Cars” list for the middle-sized category of Auto Motor und Sport. What these and other accolades bestowed upon the Audi A4 mean is that the car deserves not just a look but a whole lot of love. Here are 10 more reasons you’ll be enamored with the all-new Audi A4.

    Safer than ever
    Safety is always a top tenet for Audi engineers in every car they conceptualize, and such is the case in the Audi A4. In fact, the A4 so excels in this regard that it is a “Top Safety Pick +” of the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) – earning the rating through five grueling crash tests that challenged both the engineering and design features of the A4.

    Bigger and better
    The new A4 is almost two inches longer than its predecessor – space that’s comparable, in fact, to the previous A6. Couple this with lower seats and enhanced legroom and headroom, the Audi A4 has never before offered more comfort and space.

    120 kilos lighter
    Using Audi’s Ultra Lightweight Technology, the new A4 is now 120 kilograms lighter than the model it replaces. Weight reduction means improved driving performance and better fuel consumption – it is in fact 21-percent more frugal than its predecessor.

    Great motivation
    You choose what you want under the hood – a 2.0-liter turbo diesel or a 1.4-liter TFSI gasoline engine. Either offers a generous 150 horsepower of power, with the diesel churning out a whopping 320 Newton-meters of torque.

    Tech goodies aplenty
    Audi’s famed Virtual Cockpit – heretofore solely available in more expensive models – now makes it to the sedan line up with the new A4. The new cockpit is able to display all vehicle information plus navigation, which can also be transferred to the eight-inch display located at the center of the dashboard. Simple and intuitive, Audi’s MMI can connect to your mobile with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto via Bluetooth.

    Smarter than the rest
    The Audi A4 has an intelligent park assist system that allows for a totally hands-free experience. Park assist lets the vehicle steer itself into a spot – easing the burden off from the driver’s shoulders.

    Better looking
    With flat surfaces and sharper lines, the new A4 assumes a distinctively sportier look. It is elegantly put together as the front and rear fascia elegantly match. Capped off by the much-imitated Audi LED headlights, the new A4 will definitely catch people’s attention.

    Quality inside and out
    The A4’s interior speaks of the highest quality for luxury sedans in the market today. Not only does it boast ergonomic design excellence, but an incomparably impressive selection of materials as well. The A4 has a full leather interior with aluminum accents, complemented by classy ambient interior lighting on the TDI variant that serves as reminder that this is not just any other sedan.

    Sportier yet more comfortable
    Enhanced with Audi Drive Select, the driver can choose between four different driving modes ranging from comfort for the daily commute, to sport mode for more dynamic performance. Audi’s S-tronic gearbox also allows for faster, smoother gearshifts that give power on demand.

    Practical for that everyday drive.
    Whether for the average daily urban commute or for fun drives out of town, the all-new A4 delivers the best of both worlds. With its full complement of new technology and cutting-edge design, the A4 gives you all the reasons for you to love it.

    Turbocharged, cleverly designed, well appointed, and solidly built, the Audi A4 is getting even more recognition this early in the year with a trio of prestigious honors: “Top Safety Pick +” again from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (US), “Best Executive Car of the Year” from What Car? Awards UK, and “Best Buy” winner from Kelly Blue Book in the United States. Clearly, the compelling compact executive sedan from Ingolstadt is rightfully getting love from all around.

    To test drive or view the award-winning Audi A4, call Audi Philippines at 09178139064 or visit the Audi showrooms located in Greenhills, Global City and Alabang.


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