10 simple tips to help keep you from being the next Rolito Go


If you haven’t heard it yet, convicted road-rage killer Rolito Go is now a free man. The Supreme Court announced to the press last weekend that the construction magnate—found guilty of shooting to death private motorist Eldon Maguan in 1991—had benefited from his “good conduct” to shorten the end of his imprisonment sentence from the previous 2022. Go is said to be currently undergoing treatment for colon cancer.

Now, we’re not here to debate whether Go deserves his freedom or not, but we’d like to share a few simple tips on how to make sure you avoid the angry path Go took in dealing with a fellow motorist he had a traffic altercation with. Which is very timely, considering how traffic these days could truly push one to go on a killing spree.

1. Calmly accept that there are countless morons behind the wheel of cars, who don’t deserve their license one bit. It’s the rotten system. It is what it is.

2. Place a beautiful photograph of your loved ones on your sun visor. Look at it whenever you feel like giving in to the dark side.

3. Make classical or ambient tunes your driving music, instead of Rage Against The Machine or Sepultura. Trust us.

4. Plan your trip and route, so you’re not always in a hurry. And leave early.

5. Don’t take things personally. Everyone is just trying to reach their destination, just like you are.

6. Develop the habit of smiling or waving in a friendly manner at other motorists.

7. Resist using your horn. It just adds to the overall stress.

8. Recall the funniest, most side-splitting moment you’ve ever had. Laugh!

9. Look ahead to your bright future. Keep in mind that no petty traffic quarrel is ever worth throwing it away for.

10. Pray. Or listen to an audiobook by some Christian author. It works. (VBS)


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