• 10 ways to make Mother’s Day special


    ALL mothers deserve to be acknowledged every day of the year but this weekend, make it super special with the following ten tips.

    1. Prepare her meal for the day. Every day, your mom is in the kitchen preparing your food. On Mother’s Day, prepare her special breakfast. Your siblings might want to help you then set up a special dinner for her with your dad.

    2. Pamper her. Ask your mom what she prefers to have: a spa or a beauty treatment. Then book it with you so you can have more bonding time.

    3. Surprise her with a visit. If you’re not living with your mom, drop in unexpectedly and bring her a small token or flowers. She’ll surely be delighted.

    4. Bring her to nature. Since it’s summer, you can go to Tagaytay or any cool places to treat her to some nature walk.

    5. Get the family together. She’ll be delighted to see her family complete and spend barbecue picnic together.

    6. Make her proud of you. If your mom is telling you to have good grades in your English subject, show the big score you got recently and continue achieving high grades.

    7. Write her a nice letter. It would be perfect if you will handwrite your special letter to her. Tell her how grateful you are for all that she’s done for you and make her feel that she’s the luckiest Mom in the world.

    8. Create her “favorite things” basket. Get a special basket and fill it with her favorite things: perfume bottle, lotion, jewelry and other stuff that you want to give her. Don’t forget to include flowers and a framed photo of you and her.

    9. Give her a Queen-like treatment. Do just about everything and anything that she wants, without making her to tell you twice or more times. Do it right away without a word and with a smile on your face.

    10. Spend your entire day with her. There’s no better way but to be with her on this special day. Go shopping with her or watch movie together or simply stay at home and tell her to relax while preparing her favorite dish.

    To all the mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day!


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