• 100 dead in Darfur tribal fighting


    KHARTOUM: Heavy fighting in a border region of Sudan’s Darfur has killed 100 people, state radio reported on Saturday (Sunday in Manila), while another source said Chadian soldiers were among the recent dead.

    “The number of casualties has grown to 100” after battles between the Misseriya and Salamat tribes, Radio Omdurman said in a brief bulletin sent by SMS.

    The dispatch did not say what time period its toll covered, but intense battles between the two groups have flared again this month in southwestern Darfur.

    Radio Omdurman said fighting had stopped but a Misseriya leader said battles continued around southwest Darfur’s Umm Dukhun town, with more than 50 killed on both sides.

    Chadian troops in a joint force with Sudan were among those killed in recent fighting, a humanitarian source said.

    The source did not know how many Chadians died in Thursday’s fighting with Salamat tribesmen around Umm Dukhun, on the border with Chad.

    “Chadian deaths are confirmed,” said the source, who asked for anonymity.

    Sudan restricts access to the remote area, making it difficult to confirm details of the fighting.



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