• 1,000 workers cry rescue from layoff


    Around 1,000 workers, majority of them women, of a SouthKorean-owned factory in Cavite are hoping that the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) could change the mind of the firm’s management to save the workers from being jobless just as Christmas is fast approaching.

    The workers’ union and the management of Faremo International Inc. in Cavite’s Export Processing Zone Authority (EPZA) are set to meet with officials of the Department of Labor and Employment on Monday afternoon.

    In a statement sent to The Manila Times on Sunday, the union said Faremo International has decided to close the company immediately.

    The firm is said to be the biggest garments factory in EPZA.

    It supplies garments to global brands such as Gap, JCPenney and Kohl’s.

    The union said the owners of Faremo International had chosen to shut the company down rather than grant demands of the workers.

    Among the demands are recognition of the union that was formed last year, end of verbal abuse of workers, grant of due benefits and increase in the workers’ monthly salary as prescribed by the Minimum Wage Law.

    All these demands, according to the union, are contained in the Collective Bargaining Agreement concluded last May but were eventually rejected by the management.

    The union was told that Feramo International would end up bankrupt if the employees’ demands were accepted by the management.

    It has proposed work rotation so that the 1,000 employees would not be jobless but the management ignored the proposal.



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    1. Juan Manggagawa on

      Companies are so greedy they are not willing to share the fruits of their workers labor through a collective bargaining agreement negotiated with a union freely chosen by workers. Wages are so cheap at Faremo that workers cannot even buy the clothes that they wear. Despite years of seniority, wages are fixed at the barest minimum allowed by law

    2. Cavite is a province, hence they must follow the provincial salary rate. Some companies are not into the labor union. It can create conflict within the management.

    3. there u go commies and labor unions. now go hungry. same thing will happen with others as duterte keep on trashing the US

    4. No company owner want union, for sure they will go someplace else, it is a big mistake for the employees to have a union, now, your union cannot help you. Unions are trouble makers, all they want is union fees from employees, they do nothing for the employees, only promises,