• Defending against a blunt weapon attack


    In a street fight, any object can be turned into a weapon and used either to attack or to defend. Most Filipino martial arts emphasize on training with weapons first. It is believed that once you get used to dealing with weapons, hand to hand combat becomes easier to deal with.

    The stick is the most common blunt weapon. Being an impact weapon, a stick is likely to cause blunt force trauma on the head, torso and extremities. Not considering its striking potential, the stick can also be used to apply chokes.

    Photo 1 shows the assailant (left) ready to strike the defender with a stick. Photo 2 shows the defender stepping in to jam the attack and using his fingers to attack the eye of his assailant. Photo 3 shows the defender applying an arm bar to break the assailant’s arm. Photo 4 shows the defender using his right leg to execute a take down. Photo 5 shows the defender gaining full control of the situation.

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