• 11, 000 accidents kill 567 people during the 1st semester of 2015 – PNP-HPG


    A total of 567 people were killed and 5,220 others were injured in over 11,000 traffic accidents recorded by the PNP Highway Patrol Group (HPG) during the first six months of the year, Camp Crame figures showed on Monday.

    According to the figures released on Monday by the PNP-HPG, it showed that from January to end of June this year there was a total record of 11,285 accidents all over the country.

    The said figure is almost or nearing the 15,572 accidents that the PNP-HPG has recorded for the whole duration of 2014 when 1,252 persons were killed and 9,347 others were injured 9,347.

    The PNP-HPG figures said that the 8,807 accidents were said to have occurred during daytime and 6,765 have taken place during the night.

    A total of 4,690 of them have taken place on national road, 4,191 happened along the expressway, 2,871 on city roads, 1,737 along village roads, 963 on municipal roads, 881 on provincial roads, while 238 occurred on the Star Tollway.

    Out of the 15,572 accidents recorded for the said period, 12,572 were due to human factor, the PNP-HPG data said.

    This human factor that causes traffic accidents were as follows: 1. Bad turning with 3,565; Bad overtaking with 3,052; bad turning and over speeding with 2,871; self-accident with 1,139; drunk driving with 498; using mobile phone while driving with 128; hit and run with 1,002; and over loading with 317.

    About 1,401 accidents were blamed from the vehicle’s faulty mechanical conditions; 922 accidents were blamed on poor road conditions; while 677 were blamed to other factors such as calamity, animals crossing the road, and among others, the PNP-HPG figures said.

    The figures added that motorcycles were the most common type of vehicles involved in accidents, with 5,720 followed by cars, and 8,000 with automobiles; trucks came in third with 2,773; tricycles with 1,261; buses with 1,082; jeeps with 1,030; and 331 with others.



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