• 11 Manila-based chefs join French food fair


    France brings gastronomy and tourism together as 11 chefs from 10 restaurants in Manila and Cebu will be joining 1,000 others all over the world in serving a special French menu on March 21 in celebration of Goût de France (Good France).

    They are Chef Julian Koeberl of L’Aubergine (Taguig); Chef Michel Herbert of Le Bistro d’Agathe (Makati City); Chef Alexander Tanco of Bizu Patisserie & Bistro (Makati City); Chef Marc Aubry of Champêtre Boutique & Restaurant (Taguig); Chef Cyrille Soenen of Impressions (Pasay City); Chef Kevin Endaya of Lemuria (Quezon City); Chef Justin Baradas of Enderun College’s Restaurant 101 (Taguig); Chefs Denis Vecchiato and Paul Cottanceau-Pocard of Sofitel’s Spiral Manila (Pasay City); and Chef Pierre Cornelis of Hotel Benilde’s Vatel Restaurant (Manila).

    Goût de France also reached Cebu for the first time with the participation of Chef Adrien Guerrey of La Maison Rose.

    Tourism and gastronomy
    In 2015, France attracted over 83 million foreign tourists, making it once again the leading tourist destination in the world. Of these international arrivals, one third mention food and wine as reasons for choosing to visit France.

    This rich gastronomic heritage was recognized when the “gastronomic meal of the French” was included in UNESCO’s Intanglible Cultural Heritage List in 2010. Moreover, the French tourism industry accounts for around 7 percent of its annual GDP, making it a key contributor to France’s economic growth.

    This recognition of the interrelation between tourism and gastronomy is the spirit behind Goût de France.

    The Good France
    Goût de France was launched by French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius and chef Alain Ducasse in 2015 with the aim of highlighting the culinary tradition of France, which values high-quality, innovative, and environmentally responsible cuisine, while promoting France as a prime destination for tourists.

    Last year, chefs and restaurateurs from all over the world were screened and chosen by a committee of experts led by Alain Ducasse to offer a French menu in their restaurants with a traditional French aperitif, a cold starter, a hot starter, fish or shellfish, meat or poultry, a French cheese (or cheeseboard), a dessert, and French wines and digestifs, while remaining free to highlight their own culinary traditions and cultures.

    These menus will be served to the public on March 21—one French dinner prepared by 1,000 chefs from 150 countries all over the world, including the Philippines.

    As part of this campaign, Mr. Bruno Quenioux, a French wine specialist, will also be holding wine tasting sessions on March 22 at Hotel Benilde’s Vatel Restaurant and on March 23 at La Vie Parisienne in Makati City.


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