• 11 stocks fall on P1.8-B foreign selling

    Emeterio Sd. Perez

    Emeterio Sd. Perez

    Insiders’ trades. As of August 30, 2013, Fine Properties Inc. owned 7.4 billion shares in Starmalls Inc. after buying 533,000 shares at P3.95 each in August. Starmalls hit a 30-day high of P3.98 on August 8 and dropped to a low of P3.62 on August 22.

    Pedro Roxas, chairman of the board of Roxas Holdings Inc. (RHI), increased the number of shares he owns in the company to 52.4 million shares, or 5.76 percent with his acquisition of 10,000 shares at P2.50 each on September 2. RHI climbed to a high of P3.06 on July 9 and recorded low of P2.50 for the first time on August 17. In the last six sessions until September 9, the stock has been trading at P2.50 throughout the session.

    Antonio Cruz Moncupa Jr., president and chief executive officer (CEO), and member of the board of East West Banking Corp., bought 45,300 shares at P27.04 each on August 12; 4,700 shares at P27.70 on August 13; 90,000 shares at P27.99 on August 14; and 10,000 shares at P28.69 on August 15. The bank shares hit a month’s high of P29.50 on July 25 and fell to a low of P22.80 on August 28.

    Pays and perks. The executives and members of the 10-man board of Filinvest Land Inc. will receive this year P86.34 million consisting of P48.14 million in salaries and P9 million on bonuses.

    Of the total, Josephine Yap, president and CEO, and four others will get P24.1 million in salaries and P5.1 million in bonuses for a total of P29.2 million, or 33.8 percent of total pays and perks. The rest of P57.1 million—P48.1 million salaries and P9 million bonuses—will go to other executives and directors, who were not named in the compensation filing.

    In 2012, of the total executive compensation of P76.5 million, the top five got P21 million in salaries and P4.1 million in bonuses, while the other executives received P43.5 million in salaries and P7.9 million in bonuses.

    “Best” sellers. Here are 11 of the market’s heavily traded stocks which were the “victims” of a total of P1.8-billion foreign selling in August:

    Aboitiz Equity Ventures Inc.: 30-day high: P51 on July 24 until 26; low: P43.50 on August 22, down 14.7 percent; foreign selling: P86 million, or 58.5 percent of the day’s value turnover of P147 million;

    Aboitiz Power Corp.: high: P35.30 on July 29; low: P31.05 on August 22, down 12 percent; foreign selling: P81.5 million, or 70.5 percent of P115.6 million;

    Ayala Corp.: high: P640 on July 24; low: P549 on August 23; down 14.2 percent; foreign selling: P101.1 million, or 26.8 percent of P376.6 million.

    Alliance Global Group Inc.: high: P28.30 on July 10; low: 16 percent to P23.75 on August 23, down 16 percent; foreign selling: P104.7 million, or 27.7 percent of P377.3 million.

    Ayala Land Inc.: high: P31.60 on July 24; low: P27.15 on August 22, down 14 percent; foreign selling: P247 million, or 32.6 percent of P758.8 million.

    Bank of Philippine Islands: high: P96 on July 25; low: P88 on August 22, down 8.3 percent; foreign selling: P73.2 million, or 35.8 percent of P205 million.

    BDO Unibank: high: P88.20 on July 15; low: P75.50 on August 22, down 14.4 percent; foreign selling: P237.4 million, or 49.5 percent of P479.7 million.

    Belle Corp.: high: P5.37 on July 30; low: P4.70 on August 22, down 12.5 percent; foreign selling: P9.2 million, or 24 percent of P38.3 million.

    JG Summit Holdings Inc.: high: P44.50 on July 25; low: P36.50 on August 22, down 18 percent; foreign selling: P46.8 million, or 54 percent of P86.6 million.

    Metropolitan Bank and Trust Co.: high: P116 on July 15; low: P76.50 on August 29, down 34 percent; foreign selling: P280.1 million, or 54.5 percent of P514.2 million.

    SM Investments Corp.: high: P969 on July 24; low: P718 on August 22, down 26 percent; foreign selling: P497.4 million, or 46.4 percent of P1 billion.



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