• 12 port collectors submit resignation


    I have been to the port of Togoloan near Cagayan de Oro. As our ship was of foreign registry, we needed to be cleared by local customs, health and port officers in order to discharge our cargo. It was my first time to experience the so called Philippine customs “clearance” procedure wherein the customs officers checked the ship’s bonded store and carted away 25 realms of Marlboro cigarettes, 25 bottles of mixed liquors and 10 casks of 5 liter foreign wines. They are on a shopping spree when they board each vessel for “inspections”. It is very shameful as most ships have mixed crews of Filipinos and other nationalities. You can not see this kind of inspections in other ports of the world, truly you can say “ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES” but you would never be proud of it!



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