• 12 things to remember in losing weight

    Establishing normal waisthip ratio can be done with appropriate diet and exercise

    Establishing normal waisthip ratio can be done with appropriate diet and exercise

    THE 21st century has brought with it some dreaded diseases, and obesity is high up on the list, which experts are tackling these days. Obesity, in fact, has become such a curse because it leads to innumerable health problems, that scientists have coined the term “Syndrome X”—a list of diseases resulting from severe weight gain.

    Hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and hypercholesterolemia are just some of the major diseases that come under this category. Alarmingly, every single one of these conditions leads to end-organ damage; that is, a deterioration of the kidney, liver, pancreas, heart, etc. eventually takes place.

    Determinant of obesity
    According to experts, the waist-hip ratio is more important. As such, people who are overtly concerned about body mass index or BMI need to consider the newer findings.

    Earlier, BMI was considered the sole premise for the aforementioned diseases. While BMI is dangerous, the high waist-hip ratio is said to be more dangerous and can lead to the diseases early. The central obesity is said to be one of the most problematic situations in both men and women.

    In women, such high waist-hip ratio affects them especially after menopause and thereafter they equal their risk of developing cardiac diseases. In short, establishing normal waist-hip ratio with appropriate diet and exercise can go a long way in establishing harmonious vital parameters.

    Lose weight permanently
    While embarking on a fitness regime, make sure to be consistent with it, because unless you set a goal for yourself, you may never achieve desired results.

    Having said that, here are 12 things to be consistent with in your weight reduction journey:

    *Remove the word impossible from your dictionary. Yes, a positive outlook towards your fitness regimen can go a long way to lose weight and have a shapely body.

    *Seeking the help of an expert should be the next step. Let the expert suggest what’s the most appropriate diet and exercise regimen for you. Understanding problem areas can help you do particular exercises so that fats and cellulites in those areas can be truncated.

    Unless you set a goal for yourself, you may never achieve your desired body weight

    Unless you set a goal for yourself, you may never achieve your desired body weight

    *Drink 8 to10 glasses of water per day.

    *Do not let the feeling of deprivation affect your fitness regime. The trick is not to totally stop eating a favorite delicacy but to reduce the portion to half, then later to just a quarter until controlling your appetite becomes easier. Also remember that indulgence once in a while is fine!

    *Learning gym exercises can be fun but needs constancy. If the gym is not for you, you can always learn “at home” exercises from experts (via TV or video) and do them at home. The idea is consistency and not to abandon the regimen midway.

    *Experts suggest that it’s more fun if you mix different exercise regimens in your routine. So go aerobics one day and do brisk walks in succeeding days This helps you carry along with your regimen for a longer period.

    *Remember, whatever exercise regimen you opt for, learning yoga and pranayama (breathing exercises) enhance your mental acuity and stamina to continue the same.

    * Be cautious when you consider buying weight loss pills online. Hefty advertisements about weight loss pills may be hyperbole. Rather, never take any weight loss pill without consulting your doctor. It may lead to severe side effects if not suited for you.

    *Opting for natural ways of weight loss including alternative modes of therapy like Homeopathy and Ayurveda is better over “quick weight loss” regimens because these natural therapies help you reduce weight without any side effects.

    *Do not do crash diets; instead opt for raw foods and replace your fatty stuff with raw produce and fruits.

    *You need to do something about irregular bowel movement but don’t go for laxatives and purgatives. Healthy diet, enough water intake and natural therapies regulate bowel movement. Irregular bowel habits can prove deleterious on your weight loss goals.

    *Setting goals for yourself can help you be consistent with your weight loss regimen. Reaching the goal step by step is in itself a great reward.

    Your maladies will be surely abated once you attain your weight loss goals and enjoy a more fruitful and happier life!

    About the author: Shreya Deshpande is a featured writer of ArticlesGratuits.Com. She is a health professional dealing exclusively with homeopathy as an alternative system of medicine. Visit her website at drshreya.com


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