• 125 killed by motorcycle-riding shooters in 26 days – PNP


    The Philippine National Police (PNP) released on Tuesday its data on “motorcycle-rider shootings,” which showed that 125 people had been killed by assassins aboard motor vehicles in 26 days.

    The PNP Directorate for Investigation and Detective Management (DIDM) said in a statement that 125 of 365 victims were killed by motorcycle-riding suspects from October 10 to November 25. The other 240 victims survived the shootings.

    According to DIDM Director Chief Augusto Marquez Jr., the police have arrested 64 motorcycle-riding killer suspects who allegedly commited other crimes like robbery and drug offenses.

    “These are incidents wherein motorcycles or scooters are used in the commission of a crime or to ensure a quick escape from the scene of the crime,” Marquez said.

    Marquez revealed that 380 motorcycle-riding killer suspects are “still at large” and being investigated by the police.

    Marquez relayed the DIDM’s report that motorcycle-rider shooting incidents were concentrated in Metro Manila, with with 49 cases. Calabarzon had 37 cases. Central Luzon and Central Mindanao had 34 and 32 cases each.

    PNP data showed that there were 200 incidents of motorcycle-rider shootings from October 10 to vember 5. A total of 93 were shooting crimes, three were stabbing incidents, and 115 were robbery cases.

    Marquez emphasized that in the total number of incidents of motorcycle-rider shootings, only 10 were recorded as “drug-related.”

    “The data also revealed of the total number of incidents, 15 incidents are already cleared by the authority, 45 incidents are considered as solved, and 267 incidents are underway for further investigations,” Marquez said.


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