13 Manila centenarians TO get P100,000 cash


IN celebration of the Elderly Filipino Week, Mayor Joseph Ejercito Estrada will give P100,000 cash gift to 13 city residents who have reached 100 years old. “Living to a hundred years old, about three decades past the life expectancy, is extremely rare today,” he said, adding he approved the release of P1.3 million from the Special Activities Fund. Proclamation 470 signed by then President Fidel Ramos in 1994 designated October 1-7 as the Elderly Filipino Week, or Linggo ng Nakatatandang Filipino. The 13 centenarians composed the second batch of 100-year-old Manileños given the amount, with 17 others in April. The new beneficiaries are – Teodoro Ilagan, District 1; Aracelie Javalera, District 2; Alberto Hernandez, District 4; Felipe Mañalac, District 4; Ildefonsa Pardilla, District 4; Raquel Cabanilla, District 4; Casimira Lopez, District 5; Teresa Arriola, District 5; Juliana Aranas, District 5; and Josefa Asperilla, Eudocio Manaois, and Manuela Felicidad Mangilit, from District 6. Lopez and Mangilit are the oldest of the batch at 102, according to Herminia Salonga, officer-in-charge of the Office of the Senior Citizens Affairs (OSCA).

Jaime R. Pilapil


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