• More than 130 pilgrims die in Saudi Arabia


    MANAMA: More than 130 pilgrims from Arab states have died in Saudi Arabia during the Hajj which began on Thursday (Friday in Manila), because of exacerbation of chronic diseases and age-related complications, the International Islamic News Agency reported.

    According to the report, released on Saturday (Sunday in Manila), the biggest number of deaths or 14 has been registered among the pilgrims coming from Egypt. Casualties have also been reported among the religious travelers from Iraq, Algeria, Sudan, Morocco, Somalia, Yemen, Jordan and Mauritania.

    Another 213 pilgrims are currently under treatment in the hospitals of Saudi Arabia.

    The Hajj is a mandatory religious duty – an annual Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca, a city in Saudi Arabia. It should be carried out at least once during a Muslim person’s lifetime.

    The Hajj presupposes strict observance of numerous rituals, including the standing on Mount Arafat, which lasts for many hours. These rituals are being observed during the daylight, when temperatures may exceed 35 degrees centigrade.

    PNA/RIA Novosti


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