150,000 kids in Luzon displaced by ‘Lando’


More than 150,000 kids were affected by Typhoon Lando, which recently steamrolled Central Luzon and Northern Luzon, according to Save The Children, a Makati City-based humanitarian organization.

The group on Wednesday said the children are staying in cramped evacuation centers, having been displaced by massive flooding in their respective communities.

It has mounted an emergency response that gives priority to relief support, education, health and child protection in the affected areas with a commitment to stay there for three to six months.

“The typhoon continues to put more children at risk, and we are now very concerned about their safety with severe flooding being reported. We expect that the worst affected families will face prolonged stay in evacuation centers, and this raises our concern considering such spaces are usually unsuitable for vulnerable children to live in for an extended period of time, because of limited hygiene and sanitation facilities,” Ned Olney, country director for the Philippines of Save The Children, said.

The group aims to come to the aid of 8,000 households in the worst affected areas.

It said it is preparing an initial 1,000 relief kits for dispatch to Aurora, Bulacan and Pampanga, three of the provinces hit the hardest by Lando.

The Save The Children will also be sending emergency supplies to the most vulnerable families affected by the typhoon such as tarpaulins to serve as emergency shelters; basic household kits containing kitchen utensils, mosquito nets and sleeping mats; water items, including water purification tablets; and household kits with soaps, towels and toothbrushes.

The United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) has also expressed concern about the plight of children especially in remote areas of the country.

“Unicef’s first priority is to ensure children are safe and protected. Following a typhoon, children face risks from contaminated water sources, lack of food, and epidemics such as cholera, hypothermia, diarrhea and pneumonia. Second, we must ensure that the rhythms of children’s lives,” Philippine Representative Lotta Sylwander said.

The typhoon’s “slow-moving path includes mountainous and hard-to-reach areas [and]we are concerned about the well-being of all affected children there. Unicef is ready to move with response as soon as asked by the government.”

Save The Children said it has to raise $2.8 million to replenish its supplies.


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