155mm howitzers, one of the most powerful weapons of the Filipino military


The 12 155mm howitzers, being procured by the Department of National Defense (DND) for the Philippine Army (PA) and Marines, will be one of the most powerful weapons employed by the Filipino military.

The project is worth P438,620,000 million.

The money will be sourced from the Revised Armed Forces of the Philippines Modernization Program Funds.

The contract also includes 240 rounds of ammunition and integrated logistic support.

Bidders are required to be the manufacturers of the weapons themselves.

As of this posting, the PA is known to operate 10 units of these heavy guns.

Army officers said these field pieces have a maximum range of 14,600 meters.

These guns have a “kill zone” of 50 meters and “casualty zone” of 100 meters.

The former refers to a spot, once hit directly by a 155mm shell, will mean the obliteration or death of living things in that spot.

While latter refers to the place, once hit, will mean the wounding or incapacitating of all living things in that particular area.

Having these weapons at hand ensure that the PA has the capability to provide massive fire support to its troops in the field if needed.

The 155mm field gun is the heaviest and most powerful weapon of the PA.

All artillery weapons are placed under the supervision and control of the Army Artillery Regiment.

The PA, as of this writing, boast of operating 273 artillery pieces.

This number does not include artillery pieces owned by the Philippine Marine Corps.

Around 10 of these weapons are the heavy 155mm howitzers with the remaining guns consisting of various models of the 105mm howitzer, an artillery piece capable of being towed or tracked into combat. PNA


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