16 firms enter bids for 3,000 e-trikes


THE Department of Energy (DOE) said at least 16 local and foreign firms have expressed interest to enter bids to supply 3,000 units of electric tricycles (e-trikes), which will jump start a project to replace 100,000 gasoline-fed trikes all over the country by 2016, a senior official said.

DOE Undersecretary Donato Marco said the number of prospective bidders has exceeded their expectation znd they expected more companies to participate despite the stringent bidding requirements

“Around 16 to 17 have expressed interest. This is above our expectation and we are very happy with the turnout,” said Marcos.

To qualify for the bidding, companies should have a five-year after sale contract (which covers maintenance, driver skills training, body warranty, registration with the Land Transport Office, among others), Marcos said.

E-trikes are considered more efficient as they produce no noise and zero tailpipe emissions and can be charged at night during off-peak electricity hours. The government has been pushing the $300-million program to replace 100,000 gasoline-fed trikes around the country by 2016.

The initial rollout of 3,000 units will be distributed in Metro Manila and nearby provinces in Region IV. But more units will be sent out to the provinces under the project, which was funded by the Asian Development Bank.

Marcos said the DOE will open the technical bids for the project in the third week of April and “those who are qualified will move to the financial bidding.”

He said the E-Trike project aims to promote sustainable transport, address the increasing carbon emissions in major cities, and reduce oil dependence of the local transport sector.

Industry stakeholders said electric vehicles such as e-trikes are highly efficient, using up to 75 percent of their energy to power the vehicle against only 20 percent for most internal combustion engines.


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