174 drug-using PNP personnel face dismissal


Director General Ronald ‘Bato’ dela Rosa, Philippine National Police (PNP) chief, on Monday said he will issue an order for the dismissal of 174 police officers and non-uniformed personnel who have tested positive for use
of illegal drugs, particularly shabu.

Dela Rosa told a news briefing after Monday’s flag-raising at Camp Crame in Quezon City that the dismissal was recommended by the PNP-Internal Affairs Service (IAS), which had investigated the policemen.

“They [174 personnel] are giving me a headache,” according to the PNP chief.

“Once I have signed the papers, it’s bye-bye to all of you… and don’t make any attempt to be reinstated because I will block it,” dela Rosa said in Filipino.

The PNP-IAS also on Monday bared the names of nine of the police officers whom it has recommended to be dismissed from the police service for illegal-drug use.

Chief Supt. Leo Angelo Leuterio, PNP-IAS deputy inspector general, in a statement named the nine police officers as Police Officer 1 Rahib Mapambocol, PO1 Edgar Sarmiento, PO1 Archelaus Hunshell Olivares and PO1 Ronald Alcasabas; SPO1 Jay Tizon and SPO1 Robert Pellarada; PO2 Jesus Plazo Jr. and PO2 Emmanuel Mari; and PO3 Joel Bolivar.

“The PNP-IAS will continue to investigate and recommend disciplinary actions against these types of police officers, grounded on the rule of law and due process and our inherent authority to administer justice and discipline within our ranks,” Leuterio said.

Those ordered dismissed may file an appeal with the National Appellate Board and Secretary Ismael Sueno of the Department of the Interior and Local Government.

The director of the PNP Crime Laboratory Service, Chief Supt. Aurelio Trampe, said they have collected urine samples from 159,129 PNP personnel for random drug testing as part of an internal cleansing of the police organization,.

Of the 174 found positive for illegal drug use, 167 were uniformed and seven were non-uniformed personnel.
Trampe said three of those found positive have challenged results of the tests conducted by the Crime Laboratory Service but said the results have been confirmed by the National Reference Laboratory.


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