• 1906, 1941-45, and February 7-8 1974



    Our busy President has gone to Japan, a refined, polite society.

    A gaijin such as you, Mr. Prez, should avoid using dorobo, kutabare, baka, baboy, ooops, etc., while in Japan.
    And it would not be prudent to talk about what the Japanese did here during WWII. After the Kanos returned to Manila and liberated UST, etc., on this side of the Pasig River, the carnage across the Pasig began, started early February 1945 and ended early March 1945. At least 100,000 were made to join their ancestors.

    Earlier was the cruel 1942 Death March in which my late pa-in-law took part. The invaders released him early enough for my Dulce to be born on September 5, 1943. The smallest in her brood, she was malnourished, I said to Erpat Ponching. But my Dulce was the right height for me (and she was perfect).

    Our family might have been better off in the hills of Mauban, Quezon where I had positive recollection of the invaders from the Land of the Rising Sun (I was born in 1939).

    If Digong recalls Bud Dajo of 110 years ago, he should also remember what the Japanese did here 60 years ago, or for that matter, the more recent burning of Jolo on February 7-8, 1974; then, the folly of Dictator Macoy, a Digong icon (along with Hitler), that resulted in 20,000 deaths. Fortunes of War? Collateral damage?
    We cannot have an onion-skinned Prez, with a selective memory, and a death wish for druggies; their right to life and dignity also matter, all lives matter, if we are to remain in civilized territory and hold off Decay.

    Druggies are sick, not criminals, and I applaud the Catholic Church for this fraternal perspective. Indeed Fazenda da Esperanca (Farm of Hope) in Masbate should be mentioned, where religious from abroad help in rehabbing users. I understand the Masbate police would leave and let alone those seeking rehab, who have a right to privacy. No grabbing-the-gun. There may be a Fazenda now in Naga. Role models.

    Today, we honor Denis Murphy, another alien, deceased, in a memorial program. He worked for the urban poor, and one dawn we worked together for poor market vendors whose tiny place in the sun was being demolished, stopped by a kind Quezon City Judge.

    Last Wednesday, Ernie Isip, a long-time and valued friend, left us, interred, another selfless generous soul.
    Denis and Ernie need not answer to anyone, in the weird way Noynoy Aquino is reported made to answer for Mamasapano.

    On Mamasapano, he answers to history the same way JFK, Reagan and Clinton answer to history for Bay of Pigs, Lebanon and Black Hawk Down. Special Forces know that when they invade enemy terrain, it may be the end. Any new Mamasapano inquiry may partly focus on Sara, 5, the Muslim girl who was killed, and the Muslim farmer whose eyes were gouged out. War is hell, which is, we now see and suffer from, in our streets. Hellish traffic. If Digs, Art Tugade & Co. can deal with traffic, so be it. Sana. As it is, it has doubled, even trebled, my travel time and halved, at least, my work time.

    Sec Vit Napenas Aguirre shoud be careful in dealing with mission commander Getulio Napenas, who should not be charged, either, and partly focus on who got the dough. It was not a failure, to me, to bag Marwan. I see the dough, not the hole, in the donut.

    For Manong JPE to say that Noynoy is accountable for Mamasapano is to say that the former is accountable for many martial law sins.

    Anyway, I cannot see the dough in alleged Tax Evader (in the billions) Manny Pacquiao, fighting again — disrespecting the Senate. Yup, he impersonates a Senator. Another indicator that we are Decaying as a people. Manny is said to owe billions in taxes and is not the BIR’s Poster Boy. And yet he beat easily last May the likes of Serge Osmeña, one Magnificent Presence in the Senate. A Jewel.

    Billionaire Manny’s abroad to attend to his main job, making billions (Senate is a mere hobby or sideline). If it’s Thursday I submit this piece, it must be Tokyo. For Digong. Friday? Davao.

    So these Emperors, Royalty, do not feel nor share our pain as working stiffs, Commoners, stuck in traffic. I cannot recall any Prez doing so much travelling abroad or even locally as the new and current Emperor from Imperial Davao, whose failure is ours. So is his success, so we must continue to pray for and wish him well, for the sake of our suffering Motherland.


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    1. I find it difficult to follow his trend of thought. His writing is too makalat. Could it be that he has survived a major traffic accident?

    2. Rene Saguisag is right about Manny Pacquiao impersonating a Senator. What qualifies him as a Senator? No track record as a congressman. Well, he did establish a record for most absences. I guess we can’t put the blame on Manny Pacquiao on winning a senatorial seat. Blame the people who voted for him.

      Did he not impersonate a professional basketball player also? And a professional basketball team coach too.

    3. Wow. Speaking from experience. There is no hatred here. Saguisag even encourages to pray for the prez. Whats wrong with you guys? Come on. Be objective.

    4. “For Manong JPE to say that Noynoy is accountable for Mamasapano is to say that the former is accountable for many martial law sins.”

      He was, so with Marcos, by virtue of command responsibility. Noynoy too by virtue of command responsibility. But there is something different in Noynoy’s case: he gave the order to somebody who was under suspension, suspended therefore has no authority to execute an order.

    5. The big difference is that, unlike the polite Japanese, these loud Americans are always hypocritically preaching to us about human rights, get it ? These American do-gooders are just getting what they deserve from Digong.

    6. Lea Hetherington on

      It sounds like this article’s author is full of hatred. What a shame and what a pity for a man who cannot forgive.

      • Not at all i think. The author is in fact wishing the president success and encouraging everyone to pray for Digong. I can say that the article is only trying to open our eyes with all the truths about Digong’s appreciation of every nation’s relationship with our country. Like fort instance, Digong time and time again has always been saying that Americans murdered or slaughtered 100,000 Filipinos in Bud Dajo some 110 years ago but the author and I think Digong forgets the atrocities committed by the Japanese during world war 2 and also the offenses committed by Enrile as he is also accusing PNoy of mamasapano incident. In other words, Digong has the tendency of accusing someone with a selective memory at that.

      • I agree. It really is sad. Of course, most of the journalists with his mind set are the norm rather than the exception

      • Take a good look at his picture, all the hate that he was born with you can see in his face.

    7. No wonder the Philippines continues to be a basket-case even among its ASEAN community. It has bleeding-hearts like you who thinks a military commander, who bungles the planning & execution of a supposedly covert military mission which badly ended with the death of 44 special forces operatives, is not liable and accountable to anything much less to the survivors of his massacred troops. The circumstances of the bungled operation is even more damning for ex-prez Pnoy and his suspended (KUNO) chief of police friend who were caught micro-managing the operation when they had no business dealing with it directly. After everything has been said and done, none of the 3 principal architects of this recent infamous massacre has been held accountable for their crimes. In societies like that of the Japanese or Koreans, these criminals would have been terminated by now.