• 2 Cambodian kids die hitting discarded rocket with an axe


    PHNOM PENH: Two Cambodian children have been killed trying to pry open a discarded rocket-propelled grenade with an axe, police said Monday. Nearly three decades of civil war gripped Cambodia from the 1960s, leaving the poverty-stricken nation both one of the most heavily bombed and heavily mined countries in the world. The children, cousins aged 12 and 14, came across the unexploded ordnance on Friday while hunting for wild birds close to their home in central Kampong Thom province, local commune police chief Pen Sam Oth told AFP. Unexploded ordnance has killed nearly 20,000 people and wounded double that number since 1979. Cambodia reported 111 landmine and unexploded ordnance casualties, including 18 deaths, in 2015 while 154 people were killed or injured by leftover mines in 2014.



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