2 cases rushed for today’s SONA?


“HASTILY assembled tax evasion cases”

How long do you think does it take to charge a person before a court of law?

It has been more than a year since he was impeached and convicted. Corona was charged with tax evasion on August last year. Do you think tax evasion investigations ought to last more than a year?

Or are you just so used to a justice system so slow, you find it odd that due process cannot be achieved if the investigation did not take years or may be even decades to be properly procesuted?

And about Manila-times’ “well-placed source,” can he or she provide a statement that can stand judicial scrutiny and shed light on the supposed shoddy investigation?

You and your source may be protected by the Sotto law, but it would take more than the statement of an unnamed source to verify the veracity of your claim.

Is the statement admissible as evidence? Give us details. Show us documents or any other tangible proof (besides statements of unnamed sources) that would corroborate the claim.

If a case is based on questionable evidence and poorly conducted inquiry, it will fail. No amount of self-serving SONA report can trump case after case of acquittals. The public shall decide whether an investigation was done “hastily.” We do not need journalistic assertions based on unconfirmed reports by unidentified sources.



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  1. was only thinking the same thing.a friend separated from his wife found a new gf his wife took him to court the case was thrown out in a manila court.she got it reopened in a provence court by a friend judge and had him sentenced to 6-1/2 yr gaol for having sex outside of marriage.if that’s not corruption what is.thats an outdated law from the dim dark ages.he can’t come back to the Philippines till it’s resolved in the appeals court which can take years.what a load of CRAP this so called justice system is.