2 doctors confirm GMA health declining


TWO more doctors pressed for a “holistic approach” in the recovery of former Pres. Gloria Arroyo in a bid for the Sandiganbayan to allow her to post bail in the P366-million Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office scam.

Doctors Martha Nucum, assistant chief medical professional staff, and Celestino Dalisay, head of department of medicine, of the Veterans Memorial Medical Center (VMMC) said that the frail lawmaker is suffering from cervical radicular pain and low back pain with radiculopathy.

Only analgesics were served to ease her pain brought about by her cervical spine radiculopathy and degenerative lumbar spine disease that did not show improvement despite three operations.

Nucum and Dalisay both affirmed the findings of another two doctors who earlier said that Arroyo has difficulty in swallowing food which worsens her overall health and recovery, poor appetite, and weight loss.

The physicians said that the present medical constitution of Arroyo may be attributed to her “limited mobility and confined environment” which are not conducive to speedy recovery.

“Full recovery from certain illnesses requires a holistic approach that includes family support, emotional stability and spiritual upliftment which she cannot attain while being confined in a hospital,” the two doctors said.

Nucum and Dalisay are two more scientific voices on top of two doctors who earlier told the Sandiganbayan that Arroyo’s continuous incarceration inside the VMMC is actually aggravating her illness.

Dr. Antonion Sison, spine surgeon at the VMMC, said that it is not healthy to keep a patient in continued confinement as it is “not conducive but may only slow down the healing process and hinder full recovery.”

Dr. Ernesto Palanca, another of Arroyo’s doctors, added that “one mode worth trying” to reverse the degenerating condition of Arroyo is to “release her from detention even on a temporary liberty so that her body can rally the protective forces only her mind can command.”

The medical bulletins form part of the defense’ pitch to urge the Sandiganbayan in resolving the former leader’s petition for bail.


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  1. PNoy will just wait until Mrs. Arroyo will pass away before he will act. We cannot imagine what kind of hate PNoy has for Mrs. Arroyo. Maybe getting even or punishing the people he hates is part of his job description. Cardinal Tagle should pray extra hard not for the very poor Filipinos but for President BS Aquino’s soul. Hate certainly makes some people crazy.

    • Hello Innocent, you are obviously a supporter of Gloria! Did you ever think of all those poor Filipinos deprived by the Arroyo’s because of their GREED? Yes, I agree that the Philippine system is very corrupt. However, being corrupt and very GREEDY makes a person forget there are people who suffer because of them!