• 2 killed, scores injured in Capiz explosion


    A 9-year-old student was killed on Monday after a man set off a bomb in front of a public school in the remote Pontevedra town in Capiz province. The bomber, described as a man in pink shirt, was also killed in the incident. An initial police report reaching the national operation center of the Philippine National Police described the explosion as ‘powerful’ and that at least 11 other students in the area were injured. Probers identified the schoolgirl as Trina Rose Demayo who was just outside the school fence when the incident happened. Witnesses say they saw a man wearing a pink shirt and carrying a backpack shortly before the incident. They claimed that the man was walking casually along the highway and toward the school in Barangay Lantangan, Pontevedra. The school is just 300 meters away from the barangay hall. The explosion occurred Monday noon, just as when many were going for their lunch break. Police investigators are still investigating the identity of the ‘suicide bomber’ and his motive.


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