2 Muslim filmmakers abducted in Sulu



ZAMBOANGA CITY – Two young Filipina Muslim filmmakers were reported seized in Sulu, their family said.

The two – sisters Linda and Nadjoua Bansil – were filming when gunmen seized them inside a commuter jeep near Patikul town.

Police and military authorities have not released any information about the abduction, but the victims’ family has confirmed the report.

A television network has reported that the Muslim rebel group Abu Sayyaf may have been involved in the abduction.

It was not immediately known what the sisters were filming, but one of them had previously researched about coffee farming in Sulu, one of five provinces under the Muslim autonomous region and is one of the biggest suppliers of coffee in the region.

The two women have written and made many films about Muslims and their cultures and traditions in Mindanao.





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