2 Sayyaf rebels captured in Zamboanga


ZAMBOANGA CITY: Police forces captured two Abu Sayyaf rebels following a motorcycle chase before dawn Thursday in Zamboanga City in southern Philippines.

Superintendent Rogelio Alabata, regional police spokesman, said Alhnur Usup and Jamal Labuan were cornered along Governor Camins Road. He said policemen also seized a fragmentation grenade and illegal drugs from the rebels’ motorcycle’s utility box.


Alhnur Usup and Jamal Labuan.

Alabata also said that Usup and Labuan are followers of Abu Sayyaf leader Indang Susukan, in Sulu province, and that Usup is wanted by authorities for his involvement in a number of murder cases.

It was unknown if Usup, who lives in Talon-Talon village here, and Labuan, a resident of Taluksangay village, also in Zamboanga, were planning to kidnap or launch terror attacks in the largely Christian city.

Alabata said policemen were trying to serve arrest warrants on the two rebels, but they managed to escape on a motorcycle, forcing lawmen to launch a chase and eventually captured them in one of Zamboanga’s red light districts. AL JACINTO



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