• 2 ways to achieve longer shots


    Who doesn’t want to hit the golf ball far? Maybe a few would prefer to hit it just on the fairway safely. But most will not! It is basic instinct to impatiently see the ball go far and swing with all your might.

    There are actually plenty of ways to increase the distance of your shots. It can be physical and it can be mental. To make it simpler, let’s focus on the physical side. For now, we will focus on the proper rotation of the hips on the backswing, and finding the ideal amount of body tension.

    The writer demonstrates the first step of the drill using a golf club. PHOTO BY BUDDY DE JOYA

    First, the ideal backside rotation of the shoulders is a 90-degree angle. As the shoulders rotate on the backside, the hips must be allowed to follow naturally at 45 degrees. These recommended angles are a must to accomplish longer shots. It maximizes the speed on the forward swing when the backward rotation meets the recommended criteria.

    There is no chance in your golf life to send the ball farther, with your shoulder rotated short of 90 degrees. Those who are more flexible can rotate their shoulder at a 90-degree angle or more, with their hips rotating less than a 45-degree angle. This works very well as it establishes a more stable foundation. Thus, making your shots more consistent and farther.

    Second, the ideal body tension at address and the duration of the swing must be established. In fact, the grip pressure can be firm or almost tight. The key is to loosen up on the wrists, arms, shoulders, neck, and release excessive tension from the core, hips and legs. When the body tenses up, the muscles contract and will slow down any type of motion. Extension of the arms will also be minimal.

    As you swing through the ball, attempt to extend your arms the farthest with a slight feel of connectivity on your armpits. Never ever lose connection on your armpits, as more errors are probable to happen. It takes some amount-dedicated practice to feel the various distinctions on where the body parts tense up. You must feel your body.

    1. Stand up erect with feet apart and place a club in front of your shoulders with your arms crossed and fingers pressing the shaft against the front shoulders. An alignment stick will work as well.

    2. Facing in front of a mirror, rotate your shoulders until the shaft directly points to the center of your body, at shoulder level. Allow the hips and the legs to follow.

    3. Bend forward towards the mirror by pushing your rear end backward with your spine comfortably straight, and the shaft pointing near the ground. Release all tension and closely feel your body.

    4. Do this 5 minutes a day, as much as you can, everyday for at least 30 days.


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