• 20 lawmakers in US for Pacquiao bout


    At least 20 lawmakers will be in the United States on May 2 or the day when their colleague, Sarangani Rep. Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao would take on undefeated Floyd Mayweather, Jr. in a fight that would define his legacy in boxing.

    Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. confirmed to The Manila Times that 20 congressmen have left or are set to leave for the United States, but he refused to divulge their names.

    “Those who left or are leaving for the [fight]are about 20. None has any entitlement. They are going on their own money and to destinations other than Las Vegas,” Belmonte said in a text message.

    “Nobody has asked for a TA (Travel Authority) specifically for Las Vegas so they could also attend other events,” he added.

    The Pacquiao-Mayweather match is set at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    As of Monday, only Negros Occidental Rep. Albee Benitez admitted that he will be watching the bout.

    “I’m going and I’m betting on my colleague,” Benitez said in a separate text message.


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    1. emmanuel mallari on

      guys, intindihin nyo maigi yung article. yes, sinabi na umalis ang 20 congressmen on their own dahil hindi or walang TA na issued for their travel. sabi manunuod sila ng laban. bakit, hindi ba sila puwede pumunta dun, pumusta at manuod ng hindi pumapasok sa venue? for all we know, sa closed circuit television lang sila manunuod or pay per view dahil sa napakamahal at mahirap nga bumili ng ticket.

    2. If they go to Vegas on their own well and good, if they are lying then ibang usapan na yan, mananagot sila sa taong bayan, kung honest to goodness naman let them support Manny, let us all support him sa labang ito, OK….

    3. I hope manny is not the one paying for their expenses…Not unless he promised them something.

    4. How can you say they are corrupt just because they will go to Las Vegas to see the fight of Pacman? maybe we don’t even know Pacman sponsor their whole trip plus the seat on the ring side. Do not judge….

    5. karapatan ng mga congressman kung gusto nlang manood ng fight n Manny ,huwag naman kau husga ng husga,ang sarili muna ninyo ang intindihin bago mag husga ng mga taoLahat tau ay d perfecto sa buhay,OK!!!!!!!!

      • iriga city boy on

        To charzy,
        “karapatan”? Of course ,mayroon sila .Demokrasya tayo.Pero,ang Bayan natin ay naghihirap,maraming gutom,maraming walang trabaho,maraming probinsiya at mga tao na dapat nila bisitahin at arugahin.
        At magbabiyahi sila sa malayo at gumastos para sa kaligayahan nila?
        Pacquiao’s bout can be seen in the provinces and they can be with their constituents.Magkano ba ang bayad kung magpa connect ang mga iyan sa
        provincial Capitol nila parang maraming tao ang makinabang? Mapaligaya pa nila ang tao.
        Hindi lang yung nasa magagarang 5 star hotel na ma aaring tuluyan nila sa Vegas?

    6. Wala pang ticket na nilalabas ang event ha??! Paano nagkaron ng ticket yang mga hinayupak na yan?

    7. Only 20, now thats a surprise. & some may wonder where they get this money from, idont, im sure its from corruption. It also seems to me that watching manny fight is more important than helping run the country. If its their official time off thats ok but if they should be at work maybe the senate leaders should tell them from the off they cant go, but hey theu would never do that would they.
      Protect your own as you may also need them to protect you one day.

    8. BIR commissioner Kim Henares should be investigating the life style of these politicians, who paid for the travels (airfares,tickets,hotel). A lot of our pollies are living beyond their incomes and have amassed wealth they never have before entering politics. BIR should really be going after these crocs instead of the small business people who are struggling to make ends meet.

    9. These 20 lawmakers would bestir a kind of energy that will translate into something that will somehow contribute a disadvantageous factor to Manny’s ultimate challenge. If media reports were to be believed hook, line and sinker, Manny is now a gladiator 101 percent ready to steamroll the braggart of his boxing opponent. These 20 lawmakers will pierce a kink in Manny’s armor of supreme readiness and confidence that will undermine the possibility of his triumph. God forbids! But if just in case Manny will eventually lose, I will personally put the blame on these shameless 20 lawmakers. And more so on Belmonte.
      Please, dirty politicians, GIVE US A BREAK! Give us hoi poloi even just this one! That is, a pure joy derived from the pure pride provided us by Manny, a Filipino, whom we can always identify with in all aspects of our ordinary poor lives!

    10. Should publish the name of this 20 Lawmaker so the ombudsman will pay them a visit when they come back.What happen in Las Vegas with the PDAF stays in Las Vegas.

    11. I welcome the 20 or more congressman or senator to see the fight of the century . It will sure give manny a moral boost come May 2,2015

      • Iriga city boy on

        To Art Escobar!!
        Holy Santisima!! Grabe ito!! Napakataas na nga ng mga presyo ng ” ticket”, umalis pa ang mga dalawangpung Congressmen natin? Milyon milyung pesos ang gagastuhin nila doon.

    12. Iriga city boy on

      Wow! 20 Congressmen left the Philippines to see possibly the fight?
      Speaker Belmonte! Name them!!
      Where do one thinks they got the tickets, if even the family of Pacquiao have none?
      Now, if 1,000 tickets are left for the public,and if they are worth $1,500 each,but that could still go higher and a ” nosebleed ” section at most, that would be almost 66,000
      Pesos for a ticket.Not counting the food and hotel costs.Do you think these politicians will be satisfied at those ” nosebleed” sections?
      How if ,at the PPV screen , we see them at the front? That would be almost $87,000 to $ 100,000 ticket price and still counting upward!!
      So ,is that 4.4million Pesos for a ticket at the front? Let’s say 20 Congressman multiply by 4.4million Pesos.That would be: 88 million Pesos??????
      Holy Macaroni!!! I hope I’ m terribly wrong here.Just asking possible scenarios!!
      But while Pacquiao is fighting that day,bunch of urchins in Metro Manila are malnourished and crying because they are hungry!!!! That is the “chasm” of the rich,priviliged and the downtrodden of the Philippine society.

    13. Twenty congressmen are leaving their jobs just to watch a boxing match? How dumb! Why can’t they just watch the fight of Manny Pacquiao on TV like the rest of us?

      Belmonte owes it to the Filipino people to reveal who these “bulakbolero” legislators are. But as always, he will not stand up for us but will always cover-up for his colleagues in Congress.

      REPLY: Bakasyon naman yata ang Kongreso, di ba? Nagpasa sila ng batas na special holiday for congressmen and mga araw nang paga-absent nila? Ha ha ha!

    14. With too much bribe money from PNoy c/o PDAF, DAP and others, these thieves can well afford the expensive tickets. Maybe more.

    15. P.Akialamiro on

      There was a news article wherein Speaker Belmonte said the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight is too pricey. I’d like to hear from anyone who would say so, as far as Congressmen are concerned.