20 senators in latest Napoles affidavit


Lawyer Bruce Rivera is interviewed by reporters after he submitted the sworn affidavit of Janet Lim-Napoles at the Department of Justice.
Photo By Edwin Muli

THE list just got longer.

The sworn affidavit submitted by Janet Lim-Napoles to the Department of Justice (DOJ) on Monday contained the names of 20 incumbent and former senators and 100 congressmen who were allegedly involved in the pork barrel scam.

Budget Secretary Florencio “Butch” Abad, a former representative, was also included, as well as Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala and Energy Regulatory Commission chief Zenaida Ducut.

Bruce Rivera, Napoles’ legal counsel, handed the sworn affidavit to Justice Secretary Leila de Lima along with the businesswoman’s appeal to be admitted to the Witness Protection Program (WPP). De Lima submitted the affidavit to the Senate blue ribbon committee, which in turn released copies to the media.

The affidavit detailed transactions involving the use of the priority development assistance fund (PDAF) of lawmakers and the legislators who allegedly benefited from questionable projects funded by their PDAF or pork barrel.

On the list were 20 incumbent and former senators—Rodolfo Biazon, Robert Barbers, Francis “Chiz” Escudero, Loren Legarda, Ramon Magsaysay Jr., Ferdinand Marcos Jr., Tessie Aquino Oreta, Aquilino “Nene” Pimentel Jr., Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel 3rd, Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr., Vicente Sotto, Cynthia Villar, Manuel Villar, Allan Peter Cayetano, Juan Ponce Enrile, Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada, Luisa “Loi” Ejercito Estrada, Gregorio “Gringo” Honasan, Robert Jaworski and Lito Lapid.

The 100 incumbent and former members of the House of Representatives were led by Abad, Carlos Padilla, Manuel “Way” Kurat, Bellaflor Angara-Castillo, Joaquin Chipeco, Cynthia Villar, Heminda Georgilu Yumul, Rodolfo San Luis and Rolex Suplico.

So far, only Enrile, Estrada and Revilla have been charged at the Office of the Ombudsman.

Napoles’ 32-page affidavit was written in Filipino.

She maintained that she was not the mastermind of the pork scam.

“Matagal na ang ganitong kalakaran o sistema. Sa katunayan, iba-iba lang ang pangalan ng pork barrel. Nuong 1990s ito ay tinawag na Countrywide Development Fund at naging PDAF —Priority Development Assistance Fund nuong 2000 [This system has been going on for so long. In truth, pork barrel had different names – Countrywide Development Fund in the 1990s that became PDAF in 2000],” she said.

“Wala din akong kakayahang diktahan, utusan at kontrolin ang mga mambabatas at mga opisyal ng implementing agencies at wala din akong kinalaman sa pag-release ng pondo sa DBM [I had no power to dictate upon, order or control lawmakers and officials of implementing agencies. I also had no hand in the release of funds from the Department of Budget and Management],” Napoles added.

Napoles also identified the government agencies that participated in the pork barrel transactions and the officials and “agents” involved.

These are the Department of Agriculture (DA), Department of Agrarian Reform, Department of Transportation, National Agribusiness Corp. (Nabcor), a government –owned and controlled corporation under the DA, National Livelihood Development Corp. (NLDC) and Technology Resource Center (TRC).

The officials included former Nabcor chief Allan Javellana, former Transportation Secretary Leandro Mendoza and former TRC chief Dennis Cunanan. Mendoza died of a heart attack last year.

In the list of “agents,” Napoles included the names of Ofelia Agawin, Alan Umali and Jimmy Patocabe, Rhodora Mendoza, Narciso Nieto, Teresita Panlilio, Santidad Venancio, Rene Maglanque, Alexis Sevidal and Antoni Ortiz.

Napoles stressed that of all the many personalities involved in the scam, she was not the most guilty.

“Hindi po ako isang elected o appointed official o empleyado ng pamahalan na may mataas na katungkulan at responsibilidad na pangalagaan ang pondo ng bayan,” she said in her affidavit.

Sen. Teofisto Guingona 3rd, chairman of the blue ribbon panel, said the sworn affidavit will support documents earlier submitted to the Senate.

Guingona added that he will receive on Wednesday the files of Benhur Luy. He will also call for a meeting of the members of the committee to discuss the schedule of the hearing.

Senate Majority Floor Leader Alan Peter Cayetano and Senators Paolo Benigno Aquino 4th and Cynthia Villar rejected outright the demand of Napoles that her children be spared from prosecution.

Cayetano said Napoles, Luy and Jessica “Gigi” Reyes, the former chief of staff of Enrile, must be required to appear before the Senate blue ribbon committee when it looks into the Napoles list to clarify issues.

Ready to talk
Stephen David, Napoles’ counsel, said his client will talk if she is again summoned by the Senate.

Suspicions on the businesswoman’s credibility were raised in the last Senate hearing after she refused to answer questions from senators.

“She [Napoles] was not lying. When she said that she’s invoking her right against self- incrimination, she meant she knows something, but will not talk about it kasi ikapapahamak niya yun [because it will harm her],” David explained.

The lawyer said Napoles did not answer some questions during the hearing for security reasons. Besides, he added, Napoles had not finished writing her affidavit.

“She really wants to be a state witness and obtain immunity,” David said.

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  1. Ay naku! Everyone is to be blamed dahil star & rich folks fixated ang mamayan dahil sa isip nila hindi magnanakaw ang mga iyan dahil mayaman na. Malaking pagkakamali dahil tayo ay tao lang at marupok at madaling matukso sa kamundohan. Isip mo ang bawat kawatan diyan eh meroon #2 or #3 na mistress. Syempre it comes with the status they hold. Ang tawag dito ay kayabangan dahil maubos na ang lahat ng kwarta hwag lang ang kayabangan ng bawa’t isa diyan. Tayo naman mamayan dahil puro movies at TV siyempre we vote nang hindi nag-iisip at ngayon mabilis pa tayo sa alas-kwatro para maghatol. Lahat tayo eh meroon kaugnayan diyan kahit paano mo pa i-explika. Subalit me kasabihan tayo na we learn from our experience unfortunately we not only learn but master the craft of thievery and to become the greatest illusionist of all times meaning millions of pesos without accountability or conscience that people are starving. Name one of those fools if they’ve contributed or gave back to the poor…of course none. Dahil ang mga kawatan ay di basta-basta mamimigay kundi sa mga kabit nila at syempre meroon kapalit kundi kamundohan! Patatawarin at kalilimutan din iyan ng mamayan. Plunder a capital crime is such a big wonder for a catholic country dahil in our history did we ever put someone to death or prison for such a crime. Siguro, nuong panahon ng kastila dahil matindi ang paniniwala nila na ang hatol ay kamatayan sa pagnanakaw. Imagine, eh nuong panahon na iyon eh barya na lang ngayon iyon. Hala, ipagpapaubaya ko na lang sa mga malilinis na danggal at konsensiya ang magsasabi na walang dunggis an kanilang panggalan para mag-hatol sa mga ito. Ika nga sa mga jeepney driver ang sabi pa eh “God know Judas not pay” and with that bahala ng ang Diyos ang magpapatawad dahil sa tao na ang gagawa ng masama o kabutihan. Praise the Lord dahil mga liga na tupa ang mga ito.

  2. Julian Tulay on

    There’s no doubt about it, it’s in our DNA to lie, to cheat and to steal and be greedy. No satisfaction when it comes to power and money, no matter how intelligent Filipinos are.

  3. This Senate hearings and Blue Ribbon committees will not send anybody to prison. It is just one of those political moro moro shows.The Philippine Supreme Court has the power to order the Sandigan Bayan to start prosecutions but they are so slow like snails, so politicized,and corrupt that no actions are taken despite of the truckloads of evidence that has been submitted by the NBI .The Filipino people clamor for justice and should start now. We need to resolve this Napoles case so we could investigate other agencies involved our corrupt system of government before the coming 2016 elections. If this is done in a timely manner, all those who are guilty will be disqualified to run for office. Hopefully we shall have fresh blood in our political system devoid of political dynasties, show bizz morons,brainless, corrupt and stupid career politicians,We need new leaders who has the vision and dedication to move our country forward and put our people first not their own greed.and personal agenda.We need a universal health care so the poor will not die unnecessarily or put people into bankruptcy because of an illness.We need a massive resettlement program to get rid of our slums and prioritize our waste management system and to clean up our country like Singapore, Tokyo and Scandinavia . We need dynamic leaders to put all these plans both physically and politically.


    It’s time for the people of this poor country to speak in volume. Don’t just sit , read and watch this circus. We are being fooled so manny years by this corrupt and thieves goverment officials that we put our trust. We have to rise on this occasion. Join a rally make your voice heard. “Enough is Enough ” Our sufferings should end. Most of our Kababayan have to go to other countries and leave their loves ones just to earn a good living and pay their taxes to be pocketed by this thieves. We still have time to ressurect . We have to remove this “Cancer” of our society” Don’t be blind and deaf, React and Join our Peaceful Revolution. Our Heroes gave their lives for us to enjoy this freedom. All we need is to Remove all this thieves to all sector of our goverment.


  5. eltee mulawin on

    >>>Senate Blue Ribbon or Yellow Ribbon shouls subpoena SANDRA CAM to present her allegedly Napoles List. Then all the list they are saying from Lacson, Sandra Cam, Noynoy and Janet Lim Napoles should compare in which and what are the differences and why?

    >>> All persons categorical mentioned in the list and specifically mentioned and indicated the amount allegedly they received from tha scam shall and must be file charges to Ombudsman and Sandigan Bayan same as what this Ribbon committee did to 3 senators.

  6. Pete Gabriel on

    These jerks don’t even have the decency to resign. This thieves have lost the confidence of the people, but they still hang in there. Why? Because nothing will happen, They will still be in power tomorrow. Who is to blame for this dysfunction in our society. We the people are to blame. We had people power twice, but we are still in the same place as we were before peoples power. Have another people power 3, but this time make sure all this politicians are strip of their power, take away all their wealth, since they are all stolen from the people anyway. Start anew!

  7. The only believable list is the one that does not include Joker, Ping, Grace Poe and Bam Aquino for obvious reason. The rest of the Senators even if they did not receive any kickbacks are also guilty by Silence (including Joker and Ping) for it is IMPOSSIBLE NOT TO KNOW the racket in the Senate.

  8. Subject: FOI Will Obliterate Americans and Kills Senior In Despair
    Senate Bill 1733 Freedom of Information (FOI)
    is a front in anticipation of…
    HR 2847 Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA),
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    SB1733 FOI, aims to eliminate corruption in the bureaucracy by opening government transactions to the public and holding government officials accountable for their actions.

    American elders and seniors worked hard, endured tyrrany and unfair taxation 35% federal, 15% State and 10% local, finally ends retired in the Philippines. Upon return their only objective was to send grand children to decent universities.

    SB1733 disclosure deceives our seniors and american citizens.
    This act has nothing to do with fatcats but our inheritance and heirloom from grandmothers treasure chest.

    Protectionism for seniors and americans whom desires to settled in the Philippines. An assitance by choice; dual citizen or aka Claveria Decree of 1849.

    Best wishes, happiness and prosperity to all…

  9. does the government really have a case? I have been following this for awhile but until now no one is brought to court yet. Why do we need Napoles to tell all— with all the evidences that the DOJ and NBI had gathered are they not enough to indict her? take her to court and she will start singing. As to the elected officials, you are the most guity ones here—people trusted you whereas Napoles is just a dummy from these elected thieves. No wonder, congressmen and senators have unlimited supply of money at election time to influence the voters…whereas people who work hard are are making a list on what to buy depending on their small budget…people at congress have their pocket bloated with the people’s money. Honestly, voters are also to be blamed here…they have seen the lavishness of the lifestyles of these elected officials but they kept voting them regardless if the whole family is in politics.