• 200 hurt in Seoul train crash


    SEOUL: A malfunctioning automatic stopping system caused the recent collision of two subway trains in Seoul, officials said on Saturday. A moving train slammed into the rear of another, which had stopped at Sangwangsimni station in eastern Seoul on mid-afternoon on Friday, leaving more than 200 people injured. The accident was a fresh blow to a country still reeling from the April 16 Sewol ferry tragedy that left 300 dead or missing—most of them high school students—after the ship capsized and sank. “The Automatic Train Stop system (ATS) installed at Sangwangsimni station failed to function properly”, Seoul Metro president Chang Jung-Woo told journalists. ATS is designed to control the distance between trains, and should activate when the two trains were within 200 meters of each other. The system malfunctioned, consequently, the following train came too close to the stationary train, leaving little time for the driver to brake.


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