• 2013 election cheating was worst ever – Tandem


    CIVIL society groups led by Tanggulang Demokrasya (Tandem) on Thursday slammed the Palace for its alleged “ineptocracy hidden behind a display of arrogance” for washing its hands of any culpability in the alleged electoral fraud.

    “Now they want civil society, whose taxes they are already spending recklessly, to fix their trail of incompetence,” Adolfo Paglinawan, a political activist and convenor of Solidarity for Sovereignty, said.

    He was reacting to the statements issued by Malacanang rejecting a recount of votes and the Commission on Elections (Comelec) that it will hold a recount if Tandem will pay the costs.

    “Palace spokesman Edwin Lacierda said the 9-3 victory for the administration speaks of credible elections. On the contrary, how can an election be credible when that output was precisely not due to any actual canvass of electoral returns but the product of pre-programming?” Paglinawan asked.

    The ad hoc technical working group of Tandem, AES Watch, Solidarity for Sovereignty and other civil society groups claimed that the 60-30-10 votes distribution was observed in the national, provincial, city and municipal levels. The pattern also showed up in the clustered precincts that were subjected to Random Manual Count.

    “What in effect this showed, as a matter of political analysis and no longer mathematical, is that the administration’s real ticket favored nine PNoy and three UNA candidates, in effect Malacanang winning a 12-0 slate,” Paglinawan said.

    He added that this proves that the administration dumped Ramon “Jun” Magsaysay, Risa Hontiveros and Jamby Madrigal after using them as “props”, substituting in their stead Nancy Binay, JV Ejercito and Gringo Honasan.

    “Now how can that be credible when the sociographics, the geographical nuances vis-a-vis ethnic preferences, and established bailiwicks of other candidates, gave way to a 60-30-10 formula? What was worse was the established behavior of the assigned votes of the nine PNoy candidates compared to the peaks and valleys of the votes of the three UNA candidates – where PNoy goes up, UNA goes up, where PNoy goes down, UNA goes down, always running in parallels and never intersecting each other like two persons dancing the cha-cha and never stepping on each other’s toes,” the political activist added.

    Paglinawan said that Lacierda’s claim is statistical improbability at its most obvious manifestation.

    “For instance in Mindanao, the 60-30-10 pattern was true in the cities of Zamboanga, Ozamis, Valencia, Mati, Davao City, General Santos, Bislig, Cabadbaran, Cagayan de Oro, Digos, El Salvador, Kidapawan, Koronadal, Tandag, Tangub and even Isabela in Basilan,” he added.

    “In the Visayas, the province of Bohol was most revealing – Tagbilaran City and all of Bohol’s municipalities were dancing to the 60-30-10 tune. At least when Gloria Macapagal Arroyo cheated Fernando Poe Jr. (in 2004), the dancing was confined to an 80-10-10 cadence but only in four provinces, namely Pampanga, Cebu, Iloilo and Bohol. This time in 2013, the Malacanang rap was absolutely crass and brazen,” he said. “The peoples’ votes are sacrosanct. All civil society wants is a clean, honest and transparent manual count. Let’s not fuzz around about P200 million for the common good. After all, the Melo and Brilliantes Comelec have already spent more than P10 billion in sheer folly!”


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