2014 budget bumps off FOI bill


THE Freedom of Information (FOI) bill will have to take the “backseat” for a moment because the Senate, upon its return on November 18, will have to prioritize deliberations on the P2.268 trillion proposed 2014 budget and have it passed before the congress takes its Christmas break on December.

The chamber was supposed to start the period of interpellation on the bill this week, before going into recess for the observance of the All Saints’ day and All Souls’ day, however the FOI bill deliberation was not included in the agenda.

Chances of having the bill discussed upon the resumption of the legislative is also nil because the senate will begin the 2014 budget deliberation and by tradition all other matters will have to be suspended to give way to the budget.

The House of Representatives already transmitted its proposed 2014 national budget to the Senate Wednesday, this means there will be no other items that will be accommodated by the chamber until it pass the General Appropriations Act of 2014.

Senator Mary Grace Poe-Llamanzares, chairman of the Senate committee on public information, already sponsored on the floor the FOI bill law that seeks to adopt and implement a policy of full public disclosure of all government transactions, involving public interest, with appropriate safeguards to protect national security and national interest.

Poe said the measure serves to complement the strong public clamor for transparency and accountability and the safeguarding of public funds.

“FOI will not only prevent graft and corruption but more importantly, our citizens will learn to get involved and participate and thus will become true stakeholders in their government. This is the true essence of democracy,” she said during her sponsorship speech on Sept. 24.

Once approved, the public can be granted access to any record or information that is under the control of the government except for information concerning national security.

Senate President Franklin Drilon in an earlier interview said that the chamber would  try to pass the measure before the year is over but maintained that the proposed budget would still be the priority.

“Once the budget is in the Senate, the other items on the floor will have to be suspended. We want to finish the budget by December 31, before we go on a break,” he added.

Given such circumstances the senate will likely to begin the interpellation on FOI bill by next year passed during the first quarter of 2014. JEFFERSON ANTIPORDA


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  1. I do not have to tell you, that the reason your rating is very low because of the public perception that you do not have your heart in the right place. Remember, the very poor among us don’t have any break at all in life, they continue to struggle to find some thing to eat even from the garbage dumpsters, from the crumbs that fell off from your table, these you have to remember when you are on your holiday breaks. Approve these two bills before the year ends, this is your duty to the country and people, even if you have to forego your leave. Let the people know that they did not make any mistake in voting for you, last election. May God bless you, for the right thing you do, for us all.