2014 budget not yet approved: President’s approval still awaited


(By Prof. Emeritus Leonor Magtolis Briones, Column, December 12, 2013)
No worries for me even if PNoy handles all the funds. I would actually prefer it that way because of his honesty. You may say I’m naïve, but, can you mention any previous event that he mishandled any money assigned to him. I don’t mean those monies given to the corrupt senators. They requested the funds in the guise of stimulating economy, but, corruption is already in their blood. That, is beyond the president as they were entitled to it during those times.

Actually, because of his prudence in handling money matters, economy has taken off and AFP got their much needed equipment: ships, aircrafts, new guns, uniforms, etc… and to top it all, when Yolanda occurred, there were sizeable funds being saved by the gov’t, compared to nothing during the Erap & Gloria administrations.

Joel R, jrodriguez014@ca.rr.com


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