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2015 Chevrolet Colorado 4×4 Tracker Pro


D3---Colorado-Tracker-Pro-120150922In the last nine months, the pick-up market segment has truly become exciting with the arrival of so many new models from a majority of the volume manufacturers. New technologies, new designs, new engines, better economy, better comfort and better value are just some of the many improvements that are being seen in this new generation of trucks.

Chevrolet, however, has already had their truck in the market for the last three years in the Colorado. To spice it up against the younger competition, Chevrolet tried something new by offering their top spec model with a long list of improvements to create this: the Chevrolet Colorado Tracker Pro.

For this particular truck, the looks are quite striking. The Chevy family face is pretty cool to look at, while the truck’s dimensions make it one of the biggest in the class; same goes for the bed. Being around for a while now, the Colorado’s design really isn’t new anymore, but Chevy did up the ante by installing parts that are functional first and form second, thereby creating a true off-roader called the Tracker Pro.

The most obvious upgrade is the installation of a snorkel on the passenger side fender and A-pillar. For the non-4×4 inclined, the snorkel, as its name states, allows the engine to breathe even when wading through water. On all four corners are gun-metal wheels with grabby all-terrain tires, allowing the Colorado to get more traction off-road. Chevy also installed a lift kit on the suspension, elevating the ground clearance another 2 inches, and increasing the Tracker Pro’s water wading depth to 880 millimeters; the best in the class.

The Chevrolet Colorado Tracker Pro was customized for off-roading including crossing rivers

The Chevrolet Colorado Tracker Pro was customized for off-roading including crossing rivers

Underneath the nose of the Tracker Pro is some serious off-roading gear such as a winch that can pull 12,000 pounds (about 5,500 kilograms), or nearly triple the weight of the vehicle. That winch comes with a full kit that includes the remote switch (that you plug into the bumper), a set of chains, straps and more. There is even a tow hitch at the back that’s rated up to 6,000 pounds (about 2,250 kg), meaning it can tow another Colorado with plenty to spare. Should things get rocky, there’s an aluminum skid plate underneath the engine bay. All of these enhancements, along with the bedliner and the functional roof rack, are not mere cosmetic parts but components meant to make the Colorado more capable when the road gets tough.

Like the standard Colorado models, the interior is a nice mix of gray and black hues. The steering wheel does feel nice and the dashboard layout feels very modern, just like the exterior. Rear legroom and hip room is good. Overall, it’s nice and roomy, with the usual array of storage options such as compartments atop the dash, pockets for storage, cupholders by the airconditioning vents, and little compartments under the rear seat for tools and such. The seats are wrapped in grayish beige leather.

Power amenities, multi info displays, USB input and other bits come standard with the Colorado. The in-dash audio system is the new Chevrolet MyLink system, and has plenty of functions for even the most techie of us around. Chevy also put in a built-in back-up camera, a tire pressure monitoring system,and even an in car video recorder (dashcam) with 32 GB of memory.

2.8-Liter crdi engine
Powering the Colorado Tracker Pro is the VM Motori-sourced 2.8-liter CRDI diesel engine. Badged as Duramax, the Colorado gets 200 PS (197 horsepower) and 440 Newton-meters of torque at 2,000 revolutions per minute for this model that has a 6-speed manual. Firing it up for the first time elicits that diesel rumble, though its much quieter than before. Around town, the suspension is more comfortable than what you would be used to in trucks like the Hilux or Navara, and feels to be in the same category as the new Ranger and Strada for ride. Handling is decent, but nothing really to note in that department.

Straight line acceleration is good, though the gearing is a little taller than what I would have expected. For uphill inclines, you really need to be in the right gear for it as the Colorado does feel quite heavy. Fuel economy in the city is at the 9.6 kilometers per liter mark (moderate to heavy traffic) and 12.9 kpl on the highway.

When taken on a trail up in the mountains, the Colorado Tracker Pro performed as advertised. The shift on the fly 4×4 system makes drivetrain selection easy, and the A/T tires offer plenty of traction on muddy roads. Thankfully, the weather cooperated and didn’t necessitate the use of the winch and the river crossing didn’t need the use of the snorkel, but it’s nice to know that they’re there.

Overall, the Tracker Pro is a great choice in the pick-up segment, especially for those who seek a hassle-free entry into serious off-roading. This model, priced at P1.588 million, gives customers a veritable starter kit into 4×4 adventures and is plenty of fun when used off the beaten path.


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