2017 resolutions and wishes for Digong



IN 2017, I wish to see Prez Digong marrying Honeylet, to make an honest woman of her, and housing her in Malacañang (and his kulasisis, nearby, if breaking up is really hard to do). The move should save a lot of time and money and arrest an arguable continuing scandal by making an honest couple of the two lovebirds. Maestro, the thousand violins (not violence).

Budget Secretary Ben Diokno has to tell us how much Digong’s travels out of Manila and the country have cost us so far. Matrimony may save us a lot in expensive weekly Davao flights. “You’d be so nice, to come to,” daily, as the song goes, in the Palace. “Prez and Mrs. Duterte,” it can be announced at receptions.

Digs has a Muslim lolo. He may study converting to Islam (but being handicapped by being limited to four wives: for Christians–no limit).

Digong’s current arrangement is arguably illegal under the Revised Penal Code, and sinful and scandalous under the Ten Commandments. We cannot have a seeming dynastic criminal-public sinner for a Prez anarchizing us and accelerating Decay.

Also important, with Digong settled in matrimony, prosecutors and judges would not have any problem in worldly romance cases where one charged with adultery argues that a party may not be prosecuted given what the Prez flaunts. The law must be administered with an even hand. What Leila admits, Digong very publicly exhibits. In your face. Moralists are catatonic. His predecessors were not as transparent; the mantra was “deny, deny, deny, until you die.”

Best of all, for the nation, a wifey is a Bosswoman. She can moderate, especially if hubby is a Takusa. I know of no other kind. We are all Takusas, a matter of degree, some Super, like me.Sana malagay na sa tahimik ang Tsikboy nating Pangulo.

There’s nothing wrong in impeaching any official provided the Constitution is followed. I want Digong to finish his term but he has to change his views on human rights, the death penalty and the like, and be less madaldal at palamura/palengkero. Removing him abruptly will create more problems than it will solve.

I like Digong’s peace initiatives with the commies and Muslims but what about the more numerous peaceful lumads? He pledged to do justice to every man.

I wish he would not threaten to treat BSP Guv Say Tetangco and company as druggies whom Madaldal Bato de la Rosa’s Pulis Patolas may dispatch to the Promised Land (or where Digong tells Obama to go). Digs blasts the AMLC (Anti-Money Laundering Council) — for following the law of the land.

I wish Rant! Rant! Rant! Digong would not create enemies where we can make no friends. What I think of Washington, D.C.’s officialdom does not extend to ordinary Americans who, by and large, I like, not three out of five of whom are “idiots,” per Digong’s weird survey. Admittedly, the US is a backward country where Kennedy, Nixon and Clinton had their claim or defense of immunity shot down. We are more majestic in our royalty.

I wish he and Bato would be less hambogand instead focus on easing our traffic problem. The seemingly permanent problem may take a decade to solve but tough Digong can begin. Transport Secretary Art Tugade cannot do it by his lonesome.

Crime went down when Bato’s cops were busy attending Christmas parties. I wish Digong would start to bring back work conditions in government the way they were when I was young, when cops were welcomed and respected, not feared and avoided. Damn the crooks but like Singapore, government must start competing again with the private sector for the best and the brightest coming out of school. Good working conditions, beginning with pay, leaves, and eventually health care and pensions, reasons we behave when we migrate. North America remains a fave, not China or Russia.

But I had dealings recently with government people who I must commend, up to even the other day (at MARINA). As is said in America, good people should go to the ministry/priesthood, but the best ones should go to politics and government. The Pinoy is no less honest than the next nationality. But pay him above the level of temptation and corruption by laying down the economic foundation of honesty.

I wish Digong would improve his vocabulary for when he gets angry (even Jesus did); no more “PI’s!,” and the like. Again, the young, we try to teach to be respectful, courteous,magalang, a trait I associate with country, not city, mice. The Prez is aped by the young who should not have him as a role model who inelegantly lashes out at critics as lower forms of life.

I wish for certain course corrections after a bumpy semester when Digong even prefers to be called Meyor, indicating a persistent parochial, not a national or international, outlook. He has to realize he’s now king of the hill, of 104 million rabbits, romping every which way. He should be tolerant, if not accepting, of the noises of democracy. And here, I very much appreciate his tolerance of dissent. No gunshots, water cannons, tear gas, truncheons, etc. Stay as sweet as you are, Digs, in this respect.

He will never lack for supporters, being where the power is. But, Bato de la Rosa, less power to you. I have, for my part, all my life, liked and preferred being with the powerless, my fellow life losers.

I wish our people would be more just and less forgiving, like the Koreans, the Jews, and the Chinese, of those who destroyed or damaged our lives, values, institutions and processes, for the sake of our future generations. Imee now heads the Ten Outstanding Filipinos judges!Yawa! Excuse me. I wish Digong would use his influence to convince the Marcoses to take the initiative in saying “sorry” and doing justice to the countless victims of Martial Misrule (we are now in our new Police State, with bonuses galore for Bato, et al).

My final wish is for the Prez not to press for the return of the anti-poor eye-for-an-eye-tooth-for-a-tooth-rape-the-rapist death penalty, by public hanging at that. Atavistic. Not severity of penalty, but swiftness and certainty of conviction, deter.

Hardline on drugs has not worked anywhere in the world, an egregiously failed policy. No to EJK and J (for judicial) murder! The lives of the poor also matter as much as the lives of those in power and of the elite who make laws reflecting their biases.

The exchange rate in the Old Testament was 7-1, even 77-1. Then the progressive liberal lex talionis, an eye-for-an-eye. Parity. The New Testament urged forgiveness and charity for the truly contrite who make amends. Turn the cheek.

See you onSunday, January 8, 2017, at the Manila Cathedral, at 10 a.m., to make a statement for life, and kinder, gentler treatment of druggies, our brothers and sisters under the skin.

For lawyers, again, we recall, in particular–”[t]he German lawyer [who]was . . . particularly prepared to accept as `law’ anything that called itself by that name [and], was printed at government expense . . .” L. Fuller,Positivism and Fidelity to Law – A Reply to Professor Hart, 71 Harv. L. Rev. 630, 659 (1958).

“Hitler did not come to power by a violent revolution…The exploitation of legal forms started cautiously and became bolder as power was consolidated. The first attacks on the established order were on ramparts which, if they were manned by anyone, were manned by lawyers and judges. These ramparts fell almost without a struggle.”(id.)

I hope and pray that we are not going back to Mussolini in 1925, Hitler in 1933, and Macoy in 1972, when the people acquiesced, maybe even cheered, and the lawyers let the ramparts fall, with hardly any struggle.

Let us welcome 2017 but not to forget the past, like Rizal’s being EJKed, thanks to a kangaroo court, 120 years ago, today.


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  1. As humans, we say we have the same human nature. “Physys” is nature in Greek. The Greek physician was basically healing human nature. Disease and healing were a shared reality. Just like your “decay” is very much a shared reality. “An eye for an eye” ends up as shared blindness. The nobility of the perspective in the New Testament lies in our realization of our shared nature. As creatures of a Creator, we share the status as servants whether we like it or not. Fellow servants all. Interesting that you cited 7 times versus 77 times 7 times. That is in Matthew 18:21-22.

    In Matthew 6:9-13 is the “Our Father.” Asking for forgiveness is in the same breath as “as we forgive…” No other condition is posited. “As we forgive” is the only condition. Lest we miss it, verses 14 and 15 repeats the sole criterion: “For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.” Only the Creator of our nature can impose any condition; as creatures and fellow-servants, we can only accept the condition.

    In our “decay” though, we assume the Creator’s prerogative and impose all kinds of conditions. We end up with caricatures of “justice” such as the Ombudsman waving Corona’s bank account for the press release, calls for the exhumation of the non-hero, to name just two caricatures. “Decay” is widely shared.

    The servant who choked his fellow-servant for a measly debt and lost the forgiveness the Master had granted him for a huge debt is the parable in Matthew 18:23 up to the end of the chapter. In the final analysis, the science of forgiveness equals forgiveness of oneself first. Without forgiveness of oneself, we have shared psychosis.

    • Mr. Hermen, even you yourself stated that “Matthew 6:9-13 is the “Our Father.” Asking for forgiveness is in the same breath as “as we forgive…” ” Those verses prove ONE OF THE TWO CONDITIONS – THE SINNER MUST ASK FOR FORGIVENESS. The format of a prayer as our Lord Jesus Christ taught us, describes among others how to pray – how to ASK – for forgiveness, and how His will on earth be done as it is in heaven. God will not forgive you if you do not pray/ask for His forgiveness according to His will or purpose. Saint Paul, echoing the teachings of God/Jesus, also said to imitate him as he imitates Jesus. Since God will not forgive you your sins if you would not ask and repent, it is logical that we must not forgive Marcos and his ilk if they they do not repent and ask for our forgiveness.

    • Mr. Hermen, your conclusive statement that “In the final analysis, the science of forgiveness equals forgiveness of oneself first. Without forgiveness of oneself, we have shared psychosis”, is quite dangerous if not a bit presumptuous. While I respect your opinion and admit that you and I, like others, truly worship in the Omnipotent God, I BELIEVE the biblical truth that a true Christian’s daily fervent prayers asking God for His forgiveness, coupled with repentance according to His will, are answered everyday. The sins are/were washed by the blood of Jesus Christ when we sinners pray constantly. What is there to “forgive oneself” (to quote your phrase) when God has already forgiven the sins of a real Christian? I must also respectfully point out that not all subscribe to your idea that one can “forgive oneself”. Because forgiving oneself is subjective and self-serving and because ultimately ONLY GOD CAN FORGIVE AND ABSOLVE THE SINS OF A SINNER.

  2. Yonkers, New York
    29 December 2016

    With all due respect to former Senator RENE SAGUISAG, whose highly entertaining as well as enlightening columns I make an effort not to miss, I would respectfully suggest that it is rather late in the day for him to “hope and pray that we are not going back to Mussolini in 1925, Hitler in 1933, and Macoy in 1972, when the people acquiesced, maybe even cheered, and the lawyers let the ramparts fall, with hardly any struggle.”

    The brutal FACT is that the 100 million or so Filipinos are ALREADY THERE, and have been since June 30th when Rodrigo Duterte took his oath of office as President and forthwith inflicted a REIGN OF TERROR on the Filipino people with his psychotic warrantless genocidal extrajudicial killing of those suspected of being involved one way or the other in his specious DRUG WAR, a brutal maniacal drive which has prematurely dispatched to either heaven or hell, so far, some 5,000 hapless victims. This Little Tyrant boasts that his goal is 3 MILLION– half of the 6 MILLION Jews that his idol Hitler murdered in those ghastly gas chambers of his at Dachao, Auschwitz, and other places.

    What is there to do?

    If right-thinking Filipinos have not turned scared rabbits, or puppies with their tails folded underneath their bodies, they should now think of ways to DEPOSE this psychotic Little Tyrant, who is also a Drug Addict, one way or the other–via IMPEACHMENT, or PEOPLE POWER, or even a COUP D’ETAT. If all else fails, then ASSASSINATION should not be ruled out as a last desperate resort.