22 Prime’s all-new lunch menu to satisfy the midday appetite


In the hustle and bustle of the workplace, many employees—and even executives themselves—often have little time to take breaks. Lunches either become shorter and shorter with more responsibilities on hand, or even become non-existent for some.

According to health experts and lifestyle gurus, however, cutting out lunches from one’s daily schedule is a no-no. Doing so becomes counter productive in the long run as a person needs to step away from the desk and paper works for a change of environment periodically throughout the day—and fill up just enough—to perform more efficiently at work.

For the corporate executives especially who also do business with pleasure, there is always a need for a power lunch—a quick and delicious meal far from the fast food setting. All these in mind, Discovery Suites’ flagship restaurant 22 Prime has introduced a menu of newly curated selections to satisfy the midday appetite. Their newest lunch menu features a range of greens, seafood, and meat specials that make for a truly delightful lunch break.

“Here in Ortigas, we’re surrounded by offices so we’re trying to get a fair share of the market to compete with the malls and fast foods around us. What we wanted to do is something that’s a bit more casual even if we’re inside a hotel, thus the a power lunch,” Discovery Suites general manager Leeds Trompeta explained to The Manila Times.

“Our goal is to go the direction of casual lunch dining but still amid our elegant restaurant,” she added.

Well acclaimed for its steaks, 22 Prime is eager to serve various other dishes that are just as delectable as their perfectly cooked meats. Executive Chef Gerwin Bailon therefore shows his culinary expertise in the creation of 22 Prime’s Lunch Menu, incorporating unique and modern takes on traditional Western lunch specials, making them “distinctly 22 Prime.”

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The Wagyu Beef Hotdog for instance, is the classic lunch favorite hotdog sandwich. With the resto known for serving only premium meat, the dish only features tender, sumptuous Wagyu hotdog.

The restaurant’s take on fun tacos, meanwhile, involves substituting beef with Blackened Salmon, delivering a unique Mexican food experience.

Prime’s Caesar Salad too is served not only with the usual chicken, but also with one’s choice of salmon or shrimp on the side. This is besides bountiful seafood specials such as Oyster Rockefeller, Soft Shell Crab Tempura, and sustainably line caught Yellow Fin Tuna Poke for starters.

Meat specials on another hand are blockbuster choices, namely Prime’s Burger, Steak Knife Sandwich, Baby Back Pork Ribs, Braised Short Ribs Stroganoff, Pork Chop Schnitzel and Asian Lamb Riblets.

Still, other delicious selections include Sesame Chicken, Buffalo Cobb, Chicken Piccata, Seafood Risotto, Four Cheese with Mushroom Burger, Yellow Fin Tuna Salad, California Club Wrap, Prawns and Chips, and Fried Chicken Sandwich.

“The Lunch Menu is designed for people who are on-the-go—diners who stay 30 to 45 minutes maximum because they are just on a break from work,” noted Chef Bailon.

He further revealed that the menu took an entire year to create and curate, careful to satisfy the market’s varying tastes. Generally, however, he knows how guests want their lunches toned down from more elaborate dinners.

Finally, aware of the endless restaurants in Ortigas Center, Chef Bailon highlighted that they are most proud of the quality of their ingredients and service at 22 Prime.

“Besides our great service, 22 Prime focuses on the consistency of the product. We bank on reputable supplies, which is the second thing we must consider next to cooking. The ingredients we use must always be topnotch,” he emphasized.

“Our vegetables are locally sourced from Tagaytay, our meats are from the US, our salmons are from Norway, and our riblets and lambs are from Australia,” the chef enumerated.

22 Prime’s all-new Lunch Menu is available daily from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., alongside its all day dining menu.


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