24 take MOS plum in PSL Laoag tilt


Twenty-four tankers were named Most Outstanding Swimmers (MOS) in the Motivational Division of the 124th Philippine Swimming League (PSL) National Series held in Laoag, Ilocos Norte.

Promising tankers Jonie Junior Balaweg of Apayao (boys’ 11-year) and Sophia Gail Pinas of Baguio (girls’ 8-year) led the list of awardees in the tournament participated in by more than 500 tankers from different parts of the region.

The Most Outstanding Swimmer (MOS) awardees in the Motivational Division display their medals and trophies with Philippine Swimming League President Susan Papa and Secretary General Maria Susan Benasa. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

Also winning MOS plums were Denise Moira Baui (6-under), Franckeska Yauco (7), Jean Katherine Faye Yauco (9), Iona Marie Tumitit (10), Yeshia Altheya Cayabyab (11), Nikki Anne Dimabuyu and Angela Ragasa (12), Marie Enriquez (13), Leiresh Delos Trinos (14), Dana Ogay and Jewel Sermonia (15-over) in the girls’ category.

Topping their respective age-bands in the boys’s class were Sean LeBronne Ballesteros (6-under), Jeanne Dominic Bongotan (7), Jace Miguel Valin (8), Lexx Valdez (9), Eric Domingo and Mark Valdez (10), Jose Erto and Harkin Carag (12), Mark Lawrence Sevilla (13), Arnold Ragasa (14) and Gian Santiago (15-over).

“It was a successful edition of the PSL. We’re hoping that these kids would continue what they’ve started until they reached their goals. We’ll be here to support them in achieving their dreams,” said PSL President Susan Papa.

Members of the PSL coaching staff are expected to name swimmers who qualified for the international competitions they’ll be joining in the coming months.

“We really focus on the grassroots level since these young swimmers are the future of Philippine swimming. We want to see them grow in the next few years,” added Papa.

The PSL is recognized by the Philippine Sports Commission as an official swimming association in the country following its impressive grassroots development program that aims to train talented swimmers for future international competitions.


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