• 24 temporary classrooms rushed in Pasay City


    The Pasay City government has ordered the completion of 24 temporary classrooms for Villamor Air Base Elementary School (VABES) students whose classes were suspended after authorities found cracks in the school buildings.

    The students of VABES will have lessons through modules and home assignments that will be submitted to their teachers weekly.

    “I ordered that all safety measures, engineering or otherwise, be effected immediately for safety is first in our agenda” Mayor Antonio Calixto said.

    City Engr. Edwin Javaluyas said the school has two buildings, A and B, with 31 classrooms each. The gymnasium is on the fifth floor of Building B.

    There are 4,273 students at VABES.

    Both buildings of the VABES are undergoing retrofitting assessment from the contractor hired by the private corporation-locator inside Villamor Airbase.

    “We acted swiftly and we are making sure that retrofitting assessment and actual construction work on the main buildings are being followed on a 24/7 basis,” Javaluyas said.

    In 1951, the school was constructed and registered with the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) under a joint venture agreement. The school buildings were built in 2007 through its private contractor.

    “We are coordinating with the BCDA on the completion of the temporary classrooms in the shortest possible time,” Javaluyas said.

    Meanwhile, classes in the Pasay City South High School (PCSHS) have also been suspended since Monday after engineering flaws were discovered during inspection of the City Engineer’s Office.

    The suspension is expected to last for a month until the 16 temporary classrooms shall have been constructed for used on a section-shifting basis.

    Six temporary classrooms are being rushed for about 3,500 PCSHS students.


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