‘Duterte unscathed by revelations’


    PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte is emerging unscathed from accusations he had ordered the killings of crime suspects and other individuals when he was mayor of Davao City, analysts said on Friday.

    Political science Professor Edmund Tayao made the observation after self-described hitman Edgar Matobato claimed before a Senate inquiry that Duterte was behind the “Davao Death Squad” that killed, and sometimes mutilated, 1,000 people from 1988 to 2013.

    Duterte’s critics have to come up with weightier allegations, considering that the President’s crime-fighting background is already public knowledge, said Tayao of the University of Santo Tomas.

    The President also enjoys huge public support, he said.

    “They have to come up with other accusations against the President. He has been telling people that he has been killing people left and right, that is public knowledge. There has to be more incriminating support to douse cold water on the people’s support for Duterte,” Tayao told The Manila Times.

    On social media, De La Salle University political science professor Antonio Contreras said: “The public has
    spoken. An overwhelming majority considers the witness Matobato incredible.”
    In a Facebook post, Contreras drew a parallel between the ongoing Senate inquiry led by Sen. Leila de Lima and previous investigations which he said were instigated by the erstwhile ruling Liberal Party (LP) against its opponents.

    “You see, this is no longer about truth but about politics and perceptions. LP perfected this art when it deployed its full powers and even recruited the Ombudsman, the BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue), and COA (Commission on Audit) in humiliating [Chief Justice] Renato Corona,” he said.

    “That was just a dress rehearsal. They did it again to the front-running [Vice President Jejomar] Binay, enabling the dark horse Duterte to blindside them,” he added.

    Ramon Casiple of the Institute for Political and Electoral Reform however said it was still difficult to say whether the latest allegations would have an effect on Duterte.

    But Thursday’s Senate inquiry marked the end of the “honeymoon period” usually extended to a new President, he said.

    Credibility in question

    Tayao said the inquiry’s effect on Duterte depended on the witness, Matobato, whose testimony had been described as inconsistent by some senators, notably Sen. Panfilo Lacson, a former police chief.

    “He (Matobato) has been vetted, there is some truth to what he said, but the result of the questioning of Senator Lacson tells a lot already, not to mention those who are handling him such as [Senator Antonio Trillanes 4th] who has a penchant for bringing in whistleblowers but never really gained popularity,” Tayao said.

    Casiple said Matobato’s inclusion in the witness protection program (WPP) of the Department of Justice affected his credibility.

    This was because Matobato was admitted to the WPP when de Lima, the head of the Senate justice committee conducting the inquiry, was Justice department secretary, he said.

    Matobato left the program after sensing that Duterte would win the May 9 presidential elections.

    Lacson questioned on Friday fellow Senator de Lima for seemingly accepting the testimony of Matobato as “gospel truth.”

    “Being committee chair, you handle the witness, you brief the witness but don’t make it look like you believe what he says hook, line and sinker, you take it as gospel truth. That’s not right,” Lacson said.

    He said he did not get to ask as many questions as he wanted during the Senate hearing where Matobato was
    present, because he lost interest in the manner in which it was conducted.

    “I lost interest in asking questions,” Lacson said, adding that Matobato’s testimony sounded too dramatic to him.

    In Malacañang, Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo also questioned the credibility of Matobato.
    Panelo called Matobato as a “perjured witness,” saying his statements against President Duterte were “all lies.”

    “The fact alone that he was with the [Department of Justice’s] Witness Protection Program for how many years, two, three years, he should have said all these things before. Why only now?” he said.


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    1. De Lima should have focused and concentrated EJK present happenings in Metro Manila and cities all over the country instead of what happened in Davao City while the President Duterte was the Mayor of said city. Nahalata tuloy na ang Presidente ang pinatatamaan at hindi ang kanyang kampanya sa droga na minsan ay meron napapatay at ilang beses ng sinasabi ng pulis na ang kagagawan ng maraming EJK ay mga drug lords. Dapat nag double time ang staff ni De Lima to interview witnesses and not wait for news reports. Sayang at walang nangyayari!

    2. I would prefer the police and military kill the drug pushers and drug lords rather than the government officials, the police and military killed by the drug lords and drug pushers as happening in Mexico and in Colombia for years. Those who are afraid are those with links to drugs. But the populace should have nothing to be afraid of. We in Davao walk in small hours of the morning and we are not afraid.

    3. Sen. Lacson do not believed Matobato because his office when he was the PNP Cheif his office was mentioned by Matobato. Thre may be inconsistences in places and events but there are truth in what he said in consonance to news reports.

    4. The UN and EU should intervene in investigating the Extra Judicial Killings which is rampant today. 2.5k Deaths in two months is gruesome and it seems the govt. tolerated it…. wla mangyayari kung sa govt. pa tayo mag sumbong… dapat makialam na ang international community dito…. the police might abuse its powers by killing their enemy’s at palabasin lang na drug addict o pusher ang napatay… the rule of law must uphold

    5. Media is in the best position to verify truth or not, in many verifiable areas mentioned. The families of some of the named victims , revisiting the quarry site used as tapunan ng Patay, city hall payroll, confirmation if he is with the Duterte family acting as Paolo’s escort etc

    6. Mariano Patalinjug on

      Yonkers,New York
      17 September 2016

      Those who now defend Der Fuhrer Rodrigo Duterte against the testimony of Edgar Matobato before the Senate need not consider the truth or falsity of his testimony to know whether Duterte is a megalomanic lawless killer or not.

      They only have to consider the FACT that since he took his Oath of Office as President June 30th, Duterte has been engaged in his megalomanic WARRANTLESS EXTRAJUDICIAL killing of suspects supposedly involved in the illegal narco problem one way or the other, with the able help of PNP chief General “Bato” Ronald dela Rosa, a lawless genocidal drive which reportedly has netted a total of around 3,000 hapless victims so far.

      They should recall that Duterte’s macabre goal is to kill 100,000 “criminals” including “corrupt” journalists and dump their carcasses in the Manila Bay to fatten the fish there.

      He has so far achieved only 3% of that goal. He and his “berdugo” have a long way to go.


    7. No need for Political Analysts, experts view or media funded surveys. It’s 2016 and social media is the most used and effective gauge to check the pulse of the majority. There are tons and thousands of Du30, Bato and Cayetano supporters and very few if not zero for Liberal party and their Queen Delima. Haven’t seen a single post supporting Delima’s stage play. There you have it, people obviously does not believe with Matobato much more on Delima and Trillanes tactics. Go to heal LP!

    8. We were behind President Digong. In this scenario, because of too much politics and selfishness of our dirty politicians who wants to divide the filipino people for their selfish interest (not for the benefit of the Filipino people) better declared Martial law for the benefits of the ordinary people..

    9. So this is how the senate is used – a venue for political circus by grandstanding, lying clowns, wherein the all sort of garbage and lies are presented, to fool and mislead the public ” in aid of legislation kuno” but nothing happens, and at the huge expense of the people. Puro lukuhan lang sa tao hanggang sa ngayon pa rin ang pinag-gagawa.

      Why not dissolve the senate, the congress, the comelec, the judiciary? – the seat and cream of pinoy con men, conspirators – puro manluluko, iba-iba lang ng level. Are these kind of people worthy of our trust? the leaders we expect to wisely steer our country, who will spend our hard-earned resources with a sense of respect, care, honesty and efficiently? Without these thieving clowns, we will be better off. For we can start to move on and work with nation building, without distraction and wasted resources.

    10. the analyst just dont get, the purpose of matobato tesimony is to prove the connection of duterte to the rampant salvagings happening now, he keeps on denying bjt it appears that it is state sanctioned or policy

    11. Don’t lost focus on what being talk about issues regarding the senate’s investigation on Extra Judicial Killings. The purpose of the inquiry by the chairperson is to confuse the public by putting a witness with doubtful credibility to spread lies and half truths to make it appear that what he says has a semblance of truth. The witness’ narrations was being carefully scripted and tailored and recited repeatedly, practiced for a long time to make it appear as very convincing truth by following previous news, gossips, police, CHR and other government agency’s investigations which was never been pursued due to doubtful circumstances, not happening at all or just a lie and half truth. Sen. Trillanes is an expert on this and the yellows also during EDSA 1 and 2. Remember also VP Binay and what happened to him before the election. Trillanes and co. was not after for truth, they want to confuse the people (ano ba talaga ang totoo?). Senators de Lima, Drilon, CHR, LP yellow diehards and other organizations and individuals were/are willing conspirators. VP Robredo and Matobato are pawns with Trillanes as director with yellow oligarch as financial managers, yellow priests as “spiritual advisers”, yellow media as PRO and yellow civil society as crowd managers. Once the general public will be confused and some group of individuals started to shift support to their side and the credibility of the President Duterte and his government is in questioned, more lies and half truth will flood the international and yellow media to add more confusions and chaos, we wake up one morning with a new government. The mind of the people can easily be swayed to other side once they were blinded by convincing lie being swindled as truth. If we are not carefully vigilant and reacted incorrectly to the issue we are only to be blamed and become spectators with a heavy heart.

    12. Mr. Antonio Contreras naturingan ka pa naman DLSU Professore – from where did you get that bloody ” public has spoken, overwhelming majority” – nagbilang ka ba ng buhay na tao para masabi mong “overwhelming majority” – para maging kapanipaniwala ang mga salitang iyong binibitawan, it should be the truth, for the truth will set you free. Huwag ka ng magbigay ng mga haka-haka mo, sarilinin mo na lang and you will do yourself a big favor.

    13. So many Errors and Lies.
      1. 4 bodyguards of Rep Nograles were killed. –Both Nograleses denied this. What the heck the bodyguards of Nograles were all from Philippine Marines. Dont you think the Marines will just sit idle if 4 of their comrades were killed or disappered? Tell that to the marines!

      2. That King was killed at Mcdo? -Where in fact by simple checking even in web, he was killed inside his office. Even teh King family denied any Duterte’s were involved.

      3. And lastly, ask his neighbors. This toughie was always drunk and This Matobato might br durnk when he said he finished only grade 1 when in fact he finished high school!

    14. Leodegardo Pruna on

      Madam Leila had instead of turning her witness to her favor did the reverse and instead dug deeper her predicament especially her involvement in the drug issue but also confirmed her deep relationship with her driver Dayan. Dayan has helped hide Matobato in Pangasinan and most probably in his mansion in Pozzorobio. That alone is a very big blow to Leila. And now enters Trillanes who projects himself as all knowing when in fact his statements and actuation show the opposite. PDU30 has built his foundation on solid rocks and no amount of depression and disturbances would put it down. He knows how to play his cards by endearing himself with the people whose confidence he has mustered. As for Leila, the drug money was used in her campaign and continues to be used in keeping her afloat. God bless the Philippines.

    15. “The President also enjoys huge public support.”
      Whoever said that, must be on drugs.

      Araw araw dumadami na ang nagigising sa mga BAHO at KAPALPAKAN ng Duterte administration.

      • It’s true that more and more people are waking up to truth of accepting change and making change a reality. I even considered that more and more people are growing to support President Duterte and his administration.

      • Your must be on drugs as your statement clearly reveals, also has shrunk your brain into a nitwit. You also have cognitive dissonance maybe caused by bubbles in your head.

      • Baddy, ano kamo? kapalpakan ng Duterte admin? patawa ka rin ano? yung witness na dala nila Leila D5 at Trillanes ang malaking kapalpakan ng mga dilawan at totoong napagmasdan at narinig ng madla ang mga inconsistencies ng mga testimonya ni Matobato. Ngunit, para kay Trillanes yun daw umano ay credible. Nasisiraan na ba siya ng bait? Gung-gung lang ang maniniwala sa mga kwentong barbero at kutsero ni Matobato. Huwag kayong gumaya kay Trillanes.

    16. Mr. Contreras was wrong to attribute the socio-economic-political mayhem in the country to LP, sa Yellish Bloc, pwede pa. Because these so-called Libelals are all Yellish-card bearing members Lol!

      • well, if you’re a criminal or the likes (rapist, druggie, snatcher etc.) you need to think twice. but if not, no reason to be scared, i’ve in davao many times and it’s a very nice place to live than manila.

    17. Well, I believe over a thousand killed in Davao and 3,000+ for a matter of two months in the entire Philippines were not orchestrations of lies, and they could be done by a simple police without a command from above. If you were to suppress the orchestrations of truth behind that is where the orchestrations of lies shall be found.