• No 2nd term for PNoy… it’s the law


    PRES. Aquino, perhaps thanks to Divine Intervention, finally declared, that he has made up his mind and is no longer looking for a term extension.

    PNoy’s announcement seems to be a welcome relief not only to those planning to run for the highest office in the land but also to the millions of Filipinos sick and tired of his administration.

    I couldn’t imagine, however, why the President’s statement last Tuesday sounded to be good news for some when, in fact, it is just the right thing for him to do!

    The last time I checked Article 7, section 4 of the 1987 Constitution, it clearly states that, “ the President shall not be eligible for any reelection.”

    So, what’s the big deal if PNoy will no longer seek a second term of office? Its like we owe him a BIGTIME gratitude or “utang na loob” for not staying in office beyond 2016.

    He is old enough, and perhaps still in his right mind, to know that he is not eligible for reelection. Besides, majority of the people want him to step down by 2016.

    It is the law!

    * * *

    Revilla’s wealth came from acting?

    The prosecutors in the plunder case against Sen. Ramon “Bong” Revilla have asked the Sandiganbayan to confiscate, if not to freeze, all the assets of the said legislator at once.

    Though the said court has yet to hear this motion of the government lawyers, the prosecution claims all of the senator’s wealth was acquired illegally and is believed to have come from the priority development assistance fund (PDAF).

    The prosecution team listed down his real estate properties in Ayala-Alabang area and in Cavite, a dozen bank accounts from the different banks, and several luxury vehicles as ill-gotten wealth.

    Sen. Revilla has denied this accusation saying the properties, bank accounts, and luxury cars came from his earnings way back when he was still an actor.

    In fairness to Revilla, his property along Aguinaldo Highway in Cavite has been in existence since he was still governor. Most showbiz reporters even say they have been to that property when

    Bong was still a fulltime actor. Therefore, that piece of land in Cavite could not have come from his PDAF.

    One would also disagree with the opinion of the government lawyers that all his money in the bank came from his “pork barrel.”

    Revilla, even when he was already a senator, has had a weekly top rated show, “Idol ko si Kap” and later “Amazing Kap” on a television network.

    Showbiz insiders claim Revilla was paid millions to do the “Ang Panday” movie series while he was already a member of the legislative branch.

    The government prosecutors should be advised to use their common sense. Revilla had other sources of income even while he was already a legislator.

    So, could it be that he acquired his properties and deposited money in the bank through his earnings as an actor, and not necessarily from his “pork barrel.”

    Brains that are not being used go to waste!


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