• Only 3 of 10 Pinoys believe in ‘tuwid na daan’


    ONLY three out of 10 Filipinos, or less than 29 percent, believe in the Aquino administration’s principle of tuwid na daan (straight path), according to a survey by Pulse Asia that was reported on Monday.

    Of those polled, 34 percent were “undecided.”

    Worse, and to Malacanang’s surprise, the poll showed that four out of 10 Filipinos or 36 percent believe that President Benigno Aquino 3rd failed to deliver on the promises of his campaign slogan. The survey was conducted from September 8 to 15 when Aquino was on a trip to Europe and the United States and when the corruption issue involving Philippine National Police chief Alan Purisima was at its height.

    The pollster revealed that the same distribution of public opinion was observed in Metro Manila (30 percent agree, 33 percent undecided and 36 percent disagree), Class D (28 percent agree, 35 percent undecided and 36 percent disagree) and Class E (29 percent agree, 37 percent undecided and 32 percent disagree).

    In Luzon and Class ABC, more people believe that Aquino failed to adhere to his own straight-path policy.

    The survey took the Palace by surprise.

    The President’s spokesman, Edwin Lacierda, said they could not readily “contextualize” the survey results because this was the first time it was done.

    Lacierda, however, noted that while 29 percent of those polled were “believers,” the 34 percent who were “undecided” could have an “open mind” on tuwid na daan.

    “It would be difficult for us to contextualize, primarily because since this is the first [survey on the campaign slogan], we don’t know the sentiments of the people prior to this survey. Is it lower? Is it higher? Given the situation right now, if you look at the survey numbers, you have 29 [percent]who agreed and then there’s a 34 [percent]who continue to have an open mind about tuwid na daan,” he noted.

    “So, from our perspective, we will continue to do our job. But as to what this shows, it really shows that the 29 [percent]who agreed and there are 34 [percent]who have an open mind on the developments that our President will be doing and has been doing,” Lacierda said.

    According to him, the survey was only a “snapshot” and that they “will continue to do our mandate in providing service to our countrymen.”

    He expressed hope that the survey would be done on a quarterly or regular basis so that they can make comparisons.

    “This is the first time it happened and coming [on the heels]the recent controversies, the recent difficulties that the administration is experiencing. . .[of course, they will have an impact on the people’s response to the survey],” Lacierda said.

    Like the quarterly surveys on the trust and performance ratings of the President, he suggested that the tuwid na daan survey be done in the same fashion.

    “What we’re saying is it will be difficult for us to contextualize because there’s an absence of comparison. Number two, it’s a snapshot, so whatever were the circumstances during the conduct of the survey would influence the reaction of the respondents,” Lacierda said.


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    1. The 3 of the 10 are obviously yellows, period. So it is an indication that the yellows are themselves disappearing. Sinusika na nila si mischievous hoity-toity.

    2. If Pulse Asia were not tied down with some connection to the corrupt and liar regime of PNoy and his mafia Boss, he Liberal Party leadership, the survey results should have shown a much bigger population of “unbelievers in the hyprocritical Tuwid na Daan.” But Pulse Asia is a business after all and its management are old compadres of PNoy and the LP l;eaders. So they had to mitigate the damage.
      This is what has happened to our society. Everything include surveys have been corrupted, coopted, lilke the biggest media organizations, to support the tyranny of lies and corruption of the Aquino-LP regime.
      May God send down a rain of fire and brimstone on them but spare the innocent people of our nation.

    3. Bobski Natividad on

      “Tuwid na daan” was just a campaign slogan, it was never meant to be a serious promise, nobody in any goverment agency, lgu, or gov’t corp. respects RA 9485 which is the anti redtape and anti corruption law

    4. P. Akialamiro@yahoo.com on

      I am not surprised at all if only 3 out of 10 believe in “tuwid na daan”. First of all, this sitting president is ‘selective’; he is apparently only after his ‘enemies’. Secondly, he is very ‘presumptuous”; he thinks he is always right and doesn’t know how to apologize, just because he is the president. He didn’t even believe the SC just because the PDAF and DAP were declared unconstitutional even by a ‘unanimous’ decision. He always claims that these funds were put to good use when it was revealed that he used part of the DAP to bribe congress members to convict then CJ Corona, in furtherance to his vindictiveness. He defends prematurely his close friends and high officials of his administration who have acquired apparent questionable properties.In short, he cuddles the corrupt.

      There is no such thing as “tuwid na daan” if there is no sensitivity and sincerity to alleviate the plight of the poor and downtrodden. It’s a “farce”!