• 3 injured in Zamboanga quake


    ZAMBOANGA CITY: A magnitude 6.0 earthquake rattled Thursday the southern Philippine port city of Zamboanga, injuring at least three people, government officials said.

    The tremor struck at around 2.21 a.m. and lasted several seconds. It was traced near Baliguian town in Zamboanga del Norte province and tectonic in origin, or a sudden movement of the earth’s crust caused by the release of stress accumulated along geologic faults.

    The injured civilians, all members of the Natividad family, were rushed to hospital after the walls of their house in Sinunuc village collapsed. The trio – Arsena, 56; Raymond, 23; and Juliana, 13, – all suffered head injuries.

    Villager Tin-tin Guyaba, 20, said she was awakened by the shaking of her bed and realized it was caused by an earthquake. “My electric fan fell from the table and I had to hold on to something because of the shaking. It was scary,” she said.

    Diana Coraline, 13, was also awakened by the earthquake. “I was jolted from sleep. It was pretty strong,” she said.

    Mayor Beng Climaco said emergency responders were immediately deployed in the villages to ensure the safety of civilians. “We have advised residents to take necessary precaution and seek shelter in open areas in case of emergency and to be wary of possible aftershocks,” she said.

    The Philippines sits on the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire, a 40,000-kilometer area where large number of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur in the basin of the Pacific Ocean. It has more than 400 volcanoes and sometimes called the circum-Pacific seismic belt. AL JACINTO



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