‘3 Stars, 1 Heart’ in harmony


Despite their varied music styles and singing genres, the idea of bringing together Asia’s Songbird, Romantic Balladeer and Pop Sweetheart in a single show proved to be such a hit that the concert has now become a series.

Since mesmerizing audiences in Cebu City in January, Regine Velasquez, Christian Bautista and Julie Ann San Jose are set to reprise their one-of-a-kind concert “3 Stars, 1 Heart” at the CSI Stadia in Dagupan City on April 14. The musical showcase will coincide with the much-awaited Bangus Festival.

“With the feedback from Cebu so overwhelming, we now plan to go all over the country with 3 Stars, and even abroad,” enthused Velasquez, an OPM icon.

“They said in Cebu it was great production and we sounded really good together. Hopefully in Dagupan we’ll have the same feedback. We don’t know what to expect but we can guarantee a good show and we will make it better and better,” she added.

The trio is set to bring their successful Cebu City concert to Dagupan City tomorrow

Asked what they believe sets their unique grouping apart from other concert concepts, 3 Stars’ director Paolo Valenciano was on hand to reply, “Usually some concerts are basically like a variety show. The artists come out and go do their spots and that’s it. Here, what we really wanted to do was to make the fans of Regine appreciate Julie Anne and the fans of Julie Anne appreciate Christian and so on. So we have them on stage together for most of the show. Para talagang mapakita namin na one heart sila.”

Meanwhile, according to Bautista, it took them endless meetings to gather ideas for the concert, because even if they have performed together as GMA Network talents on TV, a live show is always a different platform.

“The most important goal we have is to make people happy,” the lone male singer in the trio explained. “Since the three of us have mutual respect, nagtutulungan kaming lahat para gumanda yung show. It’s all about team work kasi maganda nakikita ng audience na may connection kami sa isa’t isa.”

On the part of the youngest performer, San Jose, she admitted she feels very pressured whenever goes on stage with Bautista, and more so, Velasquez.

“Before I’d only watch them on TV so I just feel really happy for this opportunity to be with them on one stage. I’m pressured but in a good way. At the same time, I’m just really, really grateful especially to Ate Regine who has taught me how to be professional and humble,” she shared.

In return, Velasquez has nothing but good words for both of her colleagues.

“They are wonderful to work with and I am impressed with them both. Plus, they sound really well. Julie Anne is such a great performer and a wonderful singer. It’s hard to both sing and dance like she does. With Christian naman, listeners will feel really the kilig whenever he sings,” the veteran singer noted.

In fact, since she often likes to talk about getting old and not having as much energy for big concerts, Velasquez encouraged San Jose and Bautista to keep doing the live stage.

“Just keep doing concerts—that’s all you need to do to be versatile and to maintain your stature. Because for audiences, if you stop doing concerts, they will stop watching you and they will look for other performers to see. They might forget you so that when you come back to the concert scene, it will be hard to convince them to watch you all over again,” Velasquez explained.

“Kasi ako noon, especially when I started, lahat pinapatulan ko just because I want to keep singing and I want my audience to keep seeing me sing. Kasi iba yung nakikita, maliit o malaki man yung concert mo,” she ended.


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