30 Haitians killed in Bahamas boat accident


WASHINGTON, D.C.: About 30 Haitian migrants died after an overloaded freighter capsized in the Bahamas and 110 others were rescued in rough seas, the United States Coast Guard said on Tuesday (Wednesday in Manila).

“Approximately 30 Haitian migrants are reported dead,” said a statement from the Coast Guard, which cited information from Bahamian defense forces. The estimated death toll from Monday’s accident rose as the Coast Guard released harrowing images of a throng of passengers perched precariously on the overturned hull of the ship.

“The migrants were clinging to the hull of the grounded 40-foot [12-meter] sail freighter when rescue crews arrived,” the Coast Guard said.

All those on the hull were safely rescued but it was unclear how many passengers were still stranded in the water, spokesman Petty Officer Mark Barney said.

“We are continuing to search,” he said.



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