• 30 years after BS Aquino


    IT’s March 2, 2046. It’s Independence Day 2, a day that uplifts the national spirit. Unlike those that transpired 30 years ago, the commemoration of this day is not concentrated in Metro Manila, EDSA specifically. Rather, it’s a day of celebration all over the country.

    One of the highlights of this celebration is the inauguration of a Hall of Infamy, to remind the nation that it should never allow again a democratic government to commit atrocities usually associated with martial rule. This Hall contains pictures of victims of the Lupao Massacre, the Mendiola Massacre, the Hacienda Luisita Massacre, the Mamasapano Massacre and the Massacre of Lumads who never received justice even while the supposed democratic government was mouthing a straight path of justice and truth.

    The main theme of the exhibit? Never Again! Never again should the Philippines have an administration that commits crime with impunity.

    It’s been 30 years since President BS Aquino The Last ended his term and 25 years since he was charged with nonbailable crimes against the nation and against humanity. These charges came after strong evidence showed that during his term, he willfully violated the Constitution, ignored Supreme Court decisions and rulings, was responsible for the botched operation that led to the Mamasapano Massacre, and gave benefits to his businessmen-cronies, classmates and relatives to the detriment of the national economy.

    His being charged with high crimes was greeted with approbation by the public as they had finally realized that he wasn’t really the greatest president the Philippines ever had as claimed by the Yellow Media. Shorn of the platitudes usually thrown his way during his six-year term, he was finally unmasked as the worst president the Philippines ever had. His fall from grace was quick and swift. His name could no longer be mentioned without being accompanied by the usual curses. Thus, the national celebration of what has become known as Independence Day 2. The nation was liberated from the lies and crony capitalism.

    He was jailed at the Veterans Memorial Hospital instead of at Muntinlupa during his trial because he was suffering from persistent coughing that his supporters say indicated he had lung cancer. His opponents laughed at this claim, saying he was merely pretending serious ailment to gain sympathy but the new administration didn’t object to his being placed under hospital arrest.

    BS Aquino The Last was eventually convicted. As his health got worse, the administration allowed him to go to the United States for medical treatment, and didn’t object when he sought political asylum there.

    Succeeding administrations had tried to correct other perceived acts of misgovernance after EDSA 1. Suits have been filed to compel the Lopez family to pay for what the government under Marcos had spent for ABS-CBN and for its reacquisition of Meralco. The name of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was rehabilitated and she was hailed as savior of the Philippine economy when a serious economic crunch was hitting the rest of Southeast Asia. And finally, former President Ferdinand Marcos was finally laid to rest at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, thus ending one of the most divisive issues in the country.

    Speakers after speakers at the Independence Day 2 rites lambasted BS Aquino The Last for his incompetence and misgovernance. They pointed out that the economy was propped up not by any of his policies but by remittances of overseas Filipino workers. They also detailed corruption in the grant of contracts for the LRT/MRT during his term.

    Foreign media were puzzled why the Aquinos continued to hold sway in Tarlac despite the fall from grace of the former president. A sister, Kris, is governor of Tarlac while Kris’s son, Joshua, is congressman representing the first district of the province.

    Gov. Kris Aquino lamented the incessant diatribes against her brother, saying the nation must move on.

    Rep. Joshua Aquino, who’s running for vice president under the family party, even justified the administration of his uncle, saying his uncle is one of the best presidents of the country.

    “Let history judge him, not politicians. And if we continue to treat fallen leaders this way, there could be an Independence Day III 30 years from now,” he warned.



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    1. Would have been a credible forecast except Joshua Aquino is a barely functioning autistic with an IQ below 50- He can’t even converse above 10 year old level.. This country needs a transformational leader who will break the cycle of the ruling elite’s plunder. The culture of impunity is only benefitting the crimino-showbiz elite who are quickly taking control.. No longer are drug and jueteng lords in the shadows.. begun by Chavit and ERAP they are now at the forefront with the Pineda’s, Binays and let snot forget the Cojuangco/Aquinos whose plunder began with Dona Isadra’s theft of the katipunan loot left by General Luna

    2. The plot and story lines of your damn scenario would not even pass production because it is catered only for the consumption of one group…the Aquino haters. A good story line must be good for all.

      Manila, like Washington DC, Tokyo or Beijing are the centers of activities. What happens in these places affects the general population. If you are oppose to it, you can make your own.

    3. the only difference would be if the exiled BS Aquino the Turd comes home and gets shot, no one will care.

      Maybe except for jim paredes, leah navarro and cynthia patag.

      • MUKHANG MAY mali si mr danao. hindi yata pwedeng maging congressman si joshua, na sa ulat ay palaging kalaro ng ps3 ni benito, kasi may karamdaman ito, na nabasa ko sa mga showbiz news ,na ADHD.